Kuhn Profile 24-2 DL mixer wagon delivers quality at a lower cost

KUHN releases the Profile 24.2 DL double-auger mixer wagon with a 24cu.m capacity for producers seeking a higher level of feed quality – all within an economical scale of operation that requires minimum PTO power of 81kW (110hp)

KUHN’s Profile 24-2 DL mixer wagon offers a major step up for high-quality silage producers due to the speed and efficiency of its feed delivery system.

Available here for the first time the 24-2 DL mixer wagon offers a capacity of 24cu.m is able to produce high-quality silage, offering the most crucial component of an effective livestock-feeding program.

The KUHN Profile 24.2 DL is a double-auger mixer wagon and is further designed to transform its speed and efficiency into a delivery system that is cost effective to operate and always supplies a premium feed product.

As KUHN product specialist Tom de Greenlaw explains, “When it comes to silage production, nutrition and costs are two of the most important considerations. Nutrition, because a top-quality product is going to help your animals reach their full potential, and cost, because time-efficiency is such a major issue for most farms today. A good mixer will help you to achieve both those goals, and that’s why this step in the process is so important to get right.”

Feeding systems consisting of a tractor and bucket, a silage cart, or even some other types of mixer wagons can be time-consuming to use, and uneven in their feed delivery capabilities.

These less-than-optimal methods for feed delivery can result in issues like aerobic spoilage that can lead to nutrient loss, and feed wastage resulting from patchy distribution. Yet KUHN’s PROFILE 24.2 DL mixer wagon can eliminate both issues, delivering livestock feed quickly and efficiently, minimizing wastage via optimal distribution.

With minimum PTO power of just 81kW (110hp) required the KUHN Profile 24.2 DL wagon sets a whole extra standard for feed mixers, as Tom explains, “This wagon is a lot wider at the base, with a lower height and an integrated chassis, making it much stronger and more robust than some lighter machines.”

In addition, its hopper is pressed, creating a more consistent mix, for better overall nutrition. Plus, there are two scrapers on the bottom of the auger, for faster operation and more even delivery.

Tom goes on to explain how the Profile 24.2 DL mixer also has a patented weighing system, and this guarantees an exceptional level of precision.

“It’s been designed to mix large volumes of feed accurately and effectively. Feed is distributed directly by chute – either right or left – and the wide hatch ensures rapid, regular distribution, even with fibre-rich feed.”

“Considering its size, this is also a relatively low-power wagon, that means farmers won’t need a huge tractor to run it. There’s also a 2-speed gearbox, so you can bump it into a higher gear, for a full cleanout of the mixer. And this mixer also has a programmable weighing system, that offers either a ‘simple’ mode for weighing quantities loaded and distributed, or a ‘programmable’ mode for more comprehensive nutrition management,” says Tom.

“In addition, you can add extra knives onto the augers, enabling you to chop your feed more finely, if required. There are also two hydraulic counter knives for ease and convenience. Plus, the brakes are hydraulic, making the mixer much easier to manoeuvre, even across hilly ground.”

“It also incorporates an integrated oversized chassis, ensuring that it can handle all of the torsion effects generated by the hopper, even when the terrain is rough. Essentially, the design ensures that the whole unit retains sufficient ground clearance at all times.”

The other great thing about this mixer is that it’s a fully scalable solution. Farmers can easily use an hopper extension to upgrade their capacity, if and when that’s required.

With the Australian market for silage-handling equipment currently expanding rapidly, it’s clear that this delivery system will play an important role in the future success of Australia’s silage industry.

For more information, and to learn more about the KUHN Profile 24.2 DL double-auger mixer wagon, visit www.kuhn.com.au