Kuhn releases new machine in GA range


Kuhn’s brand new trailed machine adds to its existing GA range, which also includes a 13 metre trailed model, the GA 13131 and two semi-mounted machines, the GA 8731 (7.70 to 8.60m working width) and GA 9531 (8.40 to 9.30m working width) machines. Source: Stackyard

The GA 15131 is designed for use on farms where a high work output is required and features four rotors. The front two rotors are fitted with 13 tine arms, while the rearward rotors are equipped with 15 tine arms – all are fitted with four tines per arm.

Each rotor is mounted on four pivoting, large diameter wheels for excellent ground contouring and high load bearing.

The wheels sit close to the tines to further improve ground following, while Kuhn’s three dimensional rotor suspension system provides even greater stability when working at high speeds.

Rotor working height can be adjusted hydraulically as standard, with all four rotors powered by KUHN’s headstock-mounted hydraulic drive unit, which gives the option to increase front rotor speed by up to 20% when working in lighter crops.

The four rotors work together to create one perfectly formed central windrow (from 140 to 250cm in width) and are controlled via a cab-mounted VT50 series terminal which is ISOBUS compatible and which allows operating sequences to be pre-programmed for easy u-turns. Each rotor can be lifted individually for a perfect finish and to give the machine high ground clearance for ease of manoeuvring and unhindered travel across uneven terrain.