Lemken announces it will end sprayer production this year

Lemken drops its crop sprayer range to put more effort into its Steketee weed control implements to combine innovative hoeing designs with plant-recognition camera technology

Based on the rise in demand for sustainable crop care and facing ever tighter regulations around use of agricultural chemicals, Lemken of Germany has announced it will cease production of conventional crop sprayers.

Lemken has been building sprayers for 10 years but never achieved significant market penetration with its machines.

Instead, the company intends to strengthen and expand its soil cultivation, drilling technology and crop care product areas – including its recently introduced fertiliser spreaders.

Lemken said it acquired the Dutch hoeing technology specialist Steketee two years ago for this reason.

The purchase creates the opportunity to combine mechanical weed control with precise, selective band spraying or spot spraying, thus contributing to environmentally sound solutions when compared to broadcast spraying.

At the same time, the new process is claimed to save farmers time and money.

Steketee has made a name for itself by building intelligent weeding products that combine innovative hoeing designs with plant-recognition camera technology.

According to Lemken CEO, Anthony van der Lay, the farming environment is changing quickly and farmers and contractors are deciding whether they will farm organically or conventionally.

This also means choosing the best machinery for them to be able to farm smartly and sustainably.

Lemken is guaranteeing current sprayer owners continued part supply and customer service and orders for new machines will be fulfilled up until the end of the year.


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