LiuGong 856H Wheel Loader is made for Australia

LiuGong’s 856H wheel loader has been tailored for the local market, bringing with it half a century of LiuGong technology and innovation. The 856H wheel loader marks the start of a new era at LiuGong and introduces a high level of productivity and serviceability to Australian operators.

The 856H is powered by a 162kW (220hp) 9.3-litre Cummins engine offering improved torque and efficiency beyond any previous models, and includes a 3-cub.m bucket and 12.5 tonnes straight tipping load.

Other key advantages include closed circuit pumps for hydraulics and steering; a large cab with excellent visibility; a forward hinged hood for improved access; a stack cooling pack for better cooling; and ground level access for easy maintenance.

Modern ZF technology is applied in the driveline system and the axle housing and main transmission system are reinforced to improve strength and load capacity, with carrying capacity being increased by 40 per cent from the previous model.

It has a long service life, with the average life cycle being increased by 250 per cent from the previous model. The transmission works efficiently with the machine to achieve an optimal power output. While an automatic shift transmission with kick down function and electric proportional FNR (Forward-Neutral-Reverse) lever make operating more convenient reducing operator fatigue.

All of this, along with world-class parts, ensures the 856H maximizes productivity for the customer.

The 856H’s cab design allows for improved visibility to the work tool and improves all-around visibility for safety. Frequently used controls are placed within easy reach of the operator and curved glass in the cab decreases sound levels and a constant temperature function can adjust the temperature automatically. The cab has ROPS and FOPS, to ensure operator safety is at a maximum.

Maintenance of the 856H is simple and convenient. It adopts a ground maintenance inspection, and this means users can accomplish the replacement and checks of various filters and fuels by standing on the ground without climbing up and down.

The forward tilting engine hood is equipped with an electric lifting device that alleviates the need to manually open the engine hood, and this will ultimately prevent any WH & S issues occurring. It also allows for ground level access to service points to increase the accessibility to components. This reduces daily and scheduled service times while increasing the machine’s availability to work.

The hydraulic driving fan motor can be reversed for cleaning, and the water and oil drains are placed together to realise easier, faster maintenance and service.

LiuGong, isn’t about just developing the latest technologies. It’s about developing the latest technologies that work – consistently, reliably, day in and day out, on the toughest jobsites in Australia.

The LiuGong 856H Wheel Loader can be purchased from the AWD Group. Contact them today on 1300 888 479 or visit