Mallee Machinery Field Days is a must attend event on the calendar

The Mallee Machinery Field Days will be back on for 4 and 5 August 2021 and many can’t wait to see what the event has in store for them after missing the 2020 event due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Farmers are keen to see the latest machinery and equipment releases on show at the Mallee Machinery Field Days from the 4 to 5 August 2021

Soaking up the atmosphere at the Field days begins as soon as you set foot on the site.

It’s a unique chance to get around the circle and catch-up at the Mallee MFD, a day filled with anticipation to see some of the world’s best machinery releases, including a full complement of our own makers, and mingle into the ease and obvious friendliness of the thronging crowd.

For some people that live in smaller communities the field days is a good chance to replace some broken tools or pick up some hardware items, and there is even a big selection of clothes and safety gear available.

No one is in a hurry, but at the same time the patrons do have a spring in their step as they know they won’t make it around to every stand unless they get a wriggle on, and I think this mix of casual anticipation is what makes the Mallee Machinery Field Days so enjoyable to visit.

The current event location is a far cry from the first time it was held in 1979, in a paddock owned by long time President Kevin Emonson, back then, a circle of just 39 exhibitors made up the day’s viewing.

From there, the Mallee MFD has simply gone on to burst at the seams with eager exhibitors and information hungry visitors that necessitated a larger venue, and the event has never looked back.

The 2021 event will usually attract more than 350 exhibitors and more than 8,000 visitors want to attend over the two days.

Over its 42-year history, regulars to the event have marvelled as they watched the

sheer size of the event, number of exhibitors and machinery on show grow, but all along the exhibitors and visitors have always had time to stop for a yarn.

Customers come back every year and say hello to their by now regular suppliers, who in many cases have now become friends that they are able to have a relaxed chat with when out of the exhibitor paddock and around the fire later in the day.

Once an exhibitor has been to the Mallee Machinery Field Days, they cannot do anything other than to come back every year. It’s a bit like the fable of crossing the Murray river, once you cross it you always have to go back and cross it again.

Much of this is due to the format the Mallee MFD committee have put into place.

O’Connors was an award winning site from the previous Mallee Machinery Field Days

Exhibitors have a have a lot of control over how they set up their sites and put an effort in knowing the committee will put on a great event every year.

If a chilly wind was to blow up the concourse, even with a big crowd in attendance, they know the site allows them the chance to get some cover and try one of the many food outlets that always seem to be beckoning them in.

The committee take their role seriously enough to take on Judging for the exhibitor sites and merchandise on display. These awards are traditionally carried out by several committee members and a representative from current award sponsors.

They tour the whole site and judge on what strikes their eye, presentation, as well as the level of public enjoyment of each individual exhibit.

A circular exhibition ring was format was adapted at the very first Mallee MFd 42 years ago and is still popular with both exhibitors and visitors

Community spirit is a strong driver at the Mallee Machinery Field Days and there have been some very generous donations from the event organisers to local groups and causes.

For instance, the committee was able to give the Sea Lake Hospital $20,000 for a new kitchen, the Ouyen Nursing Home $20,000 and one year they fed over $70,000 back into the surrounding community from the proceeds of the event.

That wouldn’t happen without ongoing support from some fantastic exhibitors and the help from various Lions Clubs, football clubs, parents groups and sporting clubs that chip in their time and make the event possible.

In the beginning the Lions Club could handle the event by themselves, but now they need 120 people a day to take care of the around 8,000 people that attend.

Whether you want to exhibit, or visit and take a stroll around the latest release machinery, equipment and current farm innovations, get in your Ute or that fancy four-wheel drive and get across to Speed.

The Mallee Machinery Field Days will start on Wednesday 4 and run until Thursday 5 August 2021, from 8.30am to 5pm each day. For tickets see more at:

Call to book a site on tel: 03 5084 1320, fax: 03 5084 1345, or email: