Manutec and iPaddock Alpha Disc forge an alliance to expand parts

Manutec is now selling and distributing the Alpha Disc and Alpha Disc spare parts for growers across the country 

Manutec and iPaddock have agreed to an alliance that will see the Alpha disc range sold through the ever reliable Manutec operation

The iPaddock Alpha disc gives growers access to a unique system that provides the durability of tines and manages to incorporate in their design the precision and trash flow benefits of discs. 

The iPaddock Alpha disc has now proven to be the disc seeder design for growers that would usually prefer to be working with the familiarity of tines. 

The iPaddock Alpha disc units are available as an instant upgrade option for a John Deere 1890, Tobin Bullet, Seed Hawk, Serafin, Morris Contour and similar toolbars. 

The unique dual row iPaddock Alpha disc units have the benefit of offering a low cost, low maintenance precision seeding option for high productivity and narrow row spacings.

They will retrofit directly onto 102, 152 and 203mm (4, 6 or 8-inch) toolbars including John Deere 1890 model disc seeders, and at close to half the price of some other disc seeding row units.

Other popular toolbars for retrofitting with iPaddock discs include the Tobin Bullet, Morris Contour, Serafin and DBS. 

For not much more than the cost of rebuilding your John Deere disc seeder unit, you can now fit an all-new set of iPaddock discs for years of trouble-free operation, while doing a better job of planting your crop, year-in-year-out.

Each row on the iPaddock Alpha disc has a custom designed self-sharpening ripple governed by a load bearing press wheel to accurately place seeds into a firm, well-shaped furrow, without the big issues of mud blockages common on gauge wheel disc seeders.

The standard dual row iPaddock Alpha disc units have two discs spaced at 187.5mm (7.5-inches), and this dramatically lowers the cost of achieving narrow row spacings for improved yields and weed competition.  

The unique iPaddock Alpha disc dual row system also means every disc can be mounted on a single rank, eliminating the serious issue of the rear row backfilling the front row, as can happen with conventional multiple rank seeders.

This also greatly simplifies pipe checking and maintenance with all units being readily accessible without having to crawl under the bar.

The iPaddock Alpha Disc also utilises the popular Manutec zero maintenance press wheel and disc hub units that significantly reduces ongoing maintenance.

At 187.5mm (7.5-inches) row spacings operators will need 2.67 Standard Dual units per metre width. This equates to 24 units (12L, 12R) for 9m/48 rows; 32 units (16L, 16R) for 12m/64 rows; 48 units (24L, 24R) for 18m/96 rows. 

There is also the option to contact Manutec direct for advice on other configurations.

A high percentage of next years’ iPaddock Alpha disc stock is already pre-sold so orders need to be made early to avoid disappointment.

Manutec also continues to grow its range of specialty aftermarket replacement press wheel and disc parts for North American, European and Australian made seeders. 

Many of these parts are now available to be retrofitted using Manutec’s zero maintenance range of products.

Most products and spare parts for next season are going to be in high demand and lead times on purchasing some components such as bearing units is now 6 to 12 months in some instances. 

Growers and dealers are advised to order much earlier than you normally would, to ensure critical parts are available.

Contact the most reliable specialist supplier, Manutec on tel: 08 8260 2277, or go to this link to order.

Manutec ships Australia-wide into all regions and welcomes enquiries from any location.

2022 iPaddock Alpha Disc 2.0 Specifications

  • Discs: 457mm (18-inch) self sharpening ripple profile
  • Press wheels: 75mm wide, semi pneumatic, flat profile
  • Hydraulic parallel raise and downforce mechanism, for serious penetration
  • Tungsten coated, hardened steel Seed/Fertiliser Boots, with integrated mud scraper
  • Patented anti blocking, trailing arm, 32mm seed boot
  • Standard liquid fertiliser/fungicides/wetters: safely bands liquids to the side of the seed, within the furrow
  • Row Spacing: Available in our standard dual row modules at 187.5mm (7.5-inch) spacings, or as single disc units to suit any row spacing
  • Very low fertiliser toxicity risk at 187.5mm (7.5-inch) spacing
  • Minimal, long endurance moving parts for maximum reliability:
    • Heavy duty nylon main pivot bush
    • Disc and Press wheel hubs: Extreme service agrihubs with 5 way labrynth seals
    • Tungsten coated, hardened steel seed/fert boots with liquid tube
  • Retrofittable to most makes of toolbar, including rotating crank, parallel lift, or rigid frames
  • Single rank: Alpha’s unique dual row system achieves 187.5mm (7.5-inch) rows on a single rank toolbar