Marel buys Dutch duck processing provider

International animal food processing systems provider Marel has bought Dutch duck processing specialist PMJ
Marel has big plans to expand its reach in the duck processing market with the acquisition of Dutch duck processor systems provider PMJ – Image by takedahrs

Poultry Machinery Joosten B.V. is at the forefront of duck and goose processing solutions and services. The company was founded in 1998 as a family business and has evolved into a global leader for waterfowl processing solutions.

PMJ’s complementary product portfolio of primary processing, including waxing and automated evisceration, will make Marel the industry’s only full-line provider of duck processing solutions. Marel says it will be in a stronger position to broaden its customer base in the duck segment, leverage its global sales and service network and expand into new markets. Together the two companies hope to be at the forefront in modernizing the duck market in partnership with their customers.

PMJ’s management team will stay on board and ensure business continuity for employees and customers, serving as the duck knowledge centre.  The global duck meat market is a large and growing market, with an estimated value of around $9.4 billion. The annual volume of duck meat is currently 4.5 million tons


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