Massey Ferguson MF 7S Series introduces era of smarter utility tractors

Massey Ferguson MF 7S Series tractors are now available to Australian and New Zealand farmers in a powerful line-up of six utility models with power from 107kW (145hp) all the way up to 154kW (210hp)

With the release of the six model MF 7S Series tractor line Massey Ferguson is simply offering the best utility tractor range available for Aussie and NZ farmers in the 107 to 154kW (145 to 210hp) power segment with everything you want onboard

Designed for professional farm operations and contractors, MF 7S Series tractors are equipped to a high specification as standard and come with a choice of transmissions, cab comfort level, and automation and control technology to best take command of all farm applications.

Maintaining Massey Ferguson’s clear model designations, the numbers denote the maximum engine power of the tractors: the MF 7S.145, MF 7S.155, MF 7S.165, MF 7S.180, MF 7S.190 and MF 7S.210.

And add to that denoted power, an extra 22kW (30hp) with the benefit of Engine Power Management (EPM) kicking in to keep everything running smoothly when addition thrust is required – depending on the model.

With a 2.88m long wheelbase and six-cylinder, 6.6-litre engine, MF 7S Series tractors are expected to rule the market for utility power models and form the perfect bridge between the larger MF 8S Series, powered by 7.4 litre engines for heavy draught work.

Operators are treated to the highly efficient and easy to use Dyna-VT ECO transmission for seamless shifting while the Super Eco version of the Dyna-VT further improves efficiency by allowing the tractor to reach a speed of 40kph at just 1,450rpm

“Massey Ferguson is extending our new era of straightforward and dependable tractors to the MF 7S Series,” says Raph Hymus, Product Marketing Manager HHP and Specialty Tractors ANZ.

“At the same time, we are introducing higher levels of comfort, control, convenience and connectivity with the addition of new technology and features first seen on the award-winning MF 8S Series.”

“With its combination of strength, agility, automation and more performance enhancing technology, the MF 7S Series delivers the productivity that’s required for current farming operations.

“And, to help operators maintain this performance over long hours the cooler, comfortable and quiet cab is equipped with new easy to use, convenient controls,” Raph added.

There is a choice of Essential and Efficient specifications, depending on the model, designed to provide a range of comfort and output enhancing features to boost productivity and performance in the paddock and on the road.

Power and torque

The six new tractors in the MF 7S Series are built on a 2.88m long wheelbase and this gives them optimum stability and traction for all utility work.

These powerful models deliver high levels of concentrated power and torque, while robust engineering enables the tractors to carry and haul heavy loads.

An advanced AGCO Power 6.6-litre, six-cylinder engine is at the powerful heart of the MF 7S Series. And while able to deliver maximum engine power from 107 to 154kW (145 to 210hp), all models also benefit from generous extra power and torque, with the benefit of Engine Power Management.

This power boost is generated automatically when required for transport, PTO work or for more demanding hydraulic requirements.

Transmission choices

Massey Ferguson’s highly efficient and easy to use Dyna-VT ECO transmission offers seamless shifting and is available on all MF 7S models.

While the Super Eco version of the Dyna-VT further improves efficiency by allowing the tractor to reach a speed of 40kph at just 1,450rpm.

The highly regarded Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission now has an automatic mode that operators will appreciate.

This allows operators to use the Multipad lever or foot pedal to alter forward speed, while it automatically sets the optimum engine speed according to the load and speed. As well as delivering smoother operation, it also improves fuel efficiency.

Alternatively, for all models up to the 132kW (180hp) MF 7S.180, there is the choice of the renowned, highly efficient and reliable Dyna-6 Super Eco 24 x 24 semi-powershift transmission.

Proven in paddock operations for more than 20 years, this transmission achieves a top speed of 40kph at a low 1,500rpm to save fuel.

Automatic Mode, standard on all Dyna-6 models, selects and shifts speeds relative to the engine load and speed. Operators can also manually set the engine rpm at which changes are made.

All transmissions are also equipped with the useful brake-to-neutral function, that is easy to activate from a switch on the pillar.

For farmers working in specialist crops, they will welcome the Super Creeper option that provides precise control with speeds as low as 70-metres/hr at 1,400rpm.

Operators will appreciate the MF 7S Series cab with control access within easy reach and arranged in a convenient and logical layout with the multi seating options and seat-mounted armrest control console with all the functions and a refreshed Multipad ISOBUS-compatible joystick controller

Quiet and cool cab

MF 7S operators benefit from significant cab improvements with more comfort and better access to controls.

These improvements were first introduced on the Tractor of the Year award-winning MF 8S tractors and include an armrest with a Multipad controller and enhanced connectivity.

Due to a newly designed air conditioning system the cab is up to 4C° cooler than before and now comes with a completely new, high quality trim with a chrome steering wheel and black dashboard on Efficient versions.

Operators also benefit from a more comfortable, standard air-suspended seat with a heated seat option, with improved ventilation.

The seat is also equipped with the DDS – Dynamic Damping System that responds automatically to the severity of the bumps with lateral stability suspension.

All controls are easy to reach, arranged in a convenient and logical layout. Depending on specification, the new armrest and Multipad provide simple, comprehensive control along with a keypad for less-used functions.

Further improving comfort is a choice of optional mechanical or active mechanical cab suspension, as well as the suspended front axle option.

Outside the cab there is the benefit of a new LED light design, along with a bonnet lightbar. These produce a bright signature for MF 7S models, with the option to fit up to 16 LED work lights.

For loader operations there is also the option to fit a Visio Roof as this will provide a great view of the load through the whole lift range.

Inside the cab of the MF 7S Series tractors is where the power is conveyed with the Multipad lever used to regulate the transmission and other functions and the well placed Datatronic 5 touchscreen terminal at 230mm (9-inch) and an easy to use ISOBUS-compatible controller that places everything conveniently to hand, including linkage control rocker switch, cruise settings, driving mode pre-sets and MF Guide activation

Well placed controls

By selecting the Efficient specification level, it includes the new Multipad lever and comprehensive control armrest, linked to the seat.

This easy to use, ISOBUS-compatible controller places everything conveniently to hand, including linkage control rocker switch, cruise settings, driving mode pre-sets and MF Guide activation. It also houses a micro joystick to operate two electric spool valves.

A new, unique multifunction lever option provides easy control of a loader and front linkage. As well as operating the spool valves, this also allows operators to change direction and tractor speeds.

Operators will also appreciate the upgrades to the Datatronic 5 terminal, that now has a much brighter and clearer touchscreen to reduce glare. Higher definition colours and a black background, along with new shortcuts on the homepage also make it easy to use.

Also available for the first time is the MF E-Loader option that helps to increase loading accuracy, productivity and safety and provides control and setting of the recently introduced Bucket Shake facility.

This option enables operators to weigh individual fork or bucket loads and record the total, load or job and these can be transferred as a simple spreadsheet. It’s also possible to set-up and save upper and lower limits as well as automatic sequences for different loading cycles.

All the connectivity is fed into the long 2.88m wheelbase that helps increase traction and stability for heavy duty work with the option of 1066mm (42-inch) diameter rear tyres that ensures grip and full control at a top speed of 40kph

Connectivity precision

Datatronic 5 not only manages all the tractor functions but, also with ISOBUS connectivity and GPS signal, it runs the MF Technologies’ Precision Farming suite.

These include MF Guide, with its fast set-up ‘Go-Mode’ as well as MF Section Control to reduce overlaps and precisely target inputs with variable rate applications using MF Rate Control.

Data gathered and recorded automatically on MF TaskDoc is transferred via USB memory card.

The MF Task Doc Pro option allows you to create application plans and wirelessly synchronises with farm management software. MF Telemetry is standard on all MF 7S models.

MF 7S Series tractors excel at all paddock implement work as well as towing or lugging heavy loads up to 9.6 tonnes on the rear and 4.0 tonnes on the front linkage while operators working in specialist crops can use the Super Creeper option with speeds as low as 70-metres/hr at 1,400rpm

Strong and stable

With its 2.88m long wheelbase and strong, sculpted chassis, the MF 7S Series combines stability with manoeuvrability – offering a turning radius of just 4.93m.

Perfectly balanced, MF 7S models also provide an excellent power to weight ratio and an impressive 44.5-tonnes Gross Combination Weight.

Three-point linkage lift capacities of up to 9,600kg on the rear and 4,000kg up front are easily achieved, and up to 14-tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) make these models ideally suited to operating front and rear combination implements.

The long 2.88m wheelbase also helps increase traction and stability, further enhanced by specifying up to 1066mm (42-inch) diameter rear tyres, that also helps reduce the ground pressure.

For heavy duty work there is a wide range of ballasting options to improve work

performance, and these ballasts are simple and easily removed when it’s time to take advantage of the MF 7S’s agility for top speed work and transport up to 40kph.

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