Merlo TF35.7 115 telehandler offers a smooth ride for farm operators

Merlo’s dedicated farm telehandler the Turbofarmer TF 35.7 115 offers a 6.6m lift height and with a 3500kg load capacity this puts this model into the ideal farm handler range

Merlo’s TF 35.7 115 offers a 3500kg load capacity that it will lift to a maximum boom height of 6.6m. Maximum forward reach is 3.5m and the machine will sustain a 1350kg load at this extension

Merlo’s has a long-standing commitment to hydrostatic drive and this continues in the TF 35.7 115 but in this model the operator has more control over the two-speed gearbox than before.

Operators will find the TF 35.7 115 is ideal for stacking hay and just as adaptable when filling up buckets or when any steady work is required along feed passages – and the 40kph top speed comes in very handy when moving between jobs.

With Merlo’s Dynamic Load Control, the M-CDC system allows every operator to work in total safety while taking the telehandler to its full potential.

The operator can check at anytime the dynamic stability of the handler, through the  safety information that is now clearly shown on the colour 216mm (8.5-in) display screen through the M-CDC system.

This mid-range model is driven by a Deutz TCD3.6 L4 engine powering up to 85kW (115hp), and the Turbofarmer TF 35.7 115 weighs in at 6800kg.

The available power is ideal to handle its 3500kg load capacity and gain a full lift to a maximum boom height of 6.6m. Maximum forward reach is 3.5m and the machine will sustain a 1350kg load at this extension.

And for farmers who have to work across sloping ground or sometimes require a bit more pushing force, this power range is ideal.

Merlo’s TF 35.7 115 is the ideal hay and yard machine and the operator can check at any time on working stability from the screen of the M-CDC Display

Maximum hydraulic pump capacities for the TF35.7 115 are 125 litres/min flow and 210 bar pressure.

Boom cycle times are average but the machine’s effective flow sharing system means that all boom functions are easy to mix and to modulate.

Separate hydraulic and hydrostatic circuits reduce the chance of contamination and heat exchange between the two systems.

When in work, maximum dump height for a standard 1.5m3 bucket is just over 6m, due to a conservative maximum dump angle of just 24 degrees. 

At ground level, the maximum crowd angle set at 44 degrees, and this means that what’s in the bucket or on the forks tends to stay there without operator intervention.

Lift and breakout capacities look good, too. At ground level, more lift is on offer than is claimed, and there is enough hydraulic force to restart a 4.1-tonne load.

Backing these capabilities is a crowd ram delivering 5.4 tonnes of break-out capacity. Main hydraulic options are a gear pump, or a load-sensing swashplate unit.

An electronic joystick on this model brings into play Merlo’s EPD Top system, and that builds on the Electric Power Drive (EPD) by automatically raising engine revs in proportion to joystick travel.

Completing the ground drive package are 610mm (24-inch) rims all round. These carry 405/70–24 tyres as standard, delivering good traction.

Overall machine width is 2.25 metres, length is 4.31m and the turning circle is 8.1 metres.

 Merlo also stays with its single vertical pin for locking Merlo also stays with its single vertical pin for locking attachments.

This approach is designed to ensure there is maximised backward compatibility with existing tools.

The TF35.7 115 cab is fully equipped with a Merlo CDC display, while joystick and EPD control are functions that assist the operator experience in the Turbofarmer range of farm telehandlers

When it comes to the cab, getting up to the standard air seat is easy, with grab handles on both sides. Once inside you’ll notice the generous one-metre cab width plus an adjustable steering column.

Visibility all round is good, helped by a low rear boom pivot and the single piece of glass windscreen that runs up and over the operator’s head.

The Italians are also one of the only companies that make it possible to lock open both sections of the door – a big bonus for those frequently hopping in and out.

Elsewhere in the cab, you will find ventilation is good, wipers clear a decent area, and the optional air-con is effective.

The machine’s control layout is very functional and operators largely score Merlo well, for its ease of use.

A comprehensive display shows almost everything you need to know and both the instruments and switches are helpfully backlit.

The screen shows what the machine is capable of lifting using a weigh-cell on the main lift ram, which means it can double-up as an on-board weighing system recording cumulative weight.

Merlo’s TF 35.7 115 is an ideal fit for shed work helped by a low rear boom pivot and a curved windscreen with one single piece of glass that runs up and over the operator’s head

A hydropneumatic boom suspension is also an option on the TF35.7 115, offering a smoother ride over uneven terrain.

Boom suspension shuts off automatically at under 2kph, which is not a problem as re-engagement doesn’t involve a stop.

The main joystick offers an operator presence switch and Merlo points out the safety advantage of such a switch.

The curved windscreen allows maximum visibility and safety when working at height Call your local dealer or Merlo Australia direct on tel: 02 9688 0600, or send an email or see more at: