Mitas release High Capacity radial tyres to match faster bigger crop sprayers

Two High Capacity (HC) radial tyres released by Mitas have been designed for the next generation of self-propelled agricultural sprayers

With faster speeds and expanded product carrying capacity Mitas has released the HC 1000 generation of tyres for latest model sprayers

The Mitas HC 1000 tyre line gives growers the option of two Narrow Rim Option (NRO) sizes, the VF 650/65R38 and VF 750/60R46. Both tyres are made to handle high load capacities and fast operating speeds.

“Our latest tyres are ready for an entirely new generation of machines, and in size and specifications ready to rise to the challenge,” stated Pavel Kott, Product Manager for Mitas agriculture tyres.

The advanced Very High Flexion (VF) construction delivers clear benefits – carrying up to 40% higher load capacity with better traction, ground protection and crop yields.

Sprayers expected to carry heavier product loads and still move quickly through the paddock now have Mitas HC 1000 tyres made for the task

The special NRO construction also brings added benefits, with the new VF tyres built for mounting on standard rims, providing an additional cost savings to growers.

These latest Mitas tyres for sprayers give a secure fit even at low pressures, as well as a longer lifespan. “At Mitas, we want to provide a reliable solution for all the work our customers do.

“Our newest additions to the HC 1000 range have already shown tremendous promise for US original equipment manufacturers on the latest generation of high-load and self-propelled sprayers. Seeing this initial success, we are excited to bring these tyres to customers worldwide,” added Kott.

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