MTA Queensland announces changing of the guard as Dr Brett Dale steps down

In 1929 Australia was in the middle of a revolution that would alter the landscape in a way that could not be imagined . . . the car revolution.

More than 600,000 Australians (1 in every 11) could claim they owned a motor vehicle, a stark rise from the one-in-55 figure from the turn of the decade.

Car prices were coming down and the middle class could now afford to get into the market. Car manufacturing giants Ford and GM had their own plants here, and were mass producing vehicles.

A new industry had developed, and more and more garages and motor mechanics were opening and jumping on board the revolution.

On the 30 September 1929, a group of businessmen from garages and service stations met in Brisbane to discuss the success and development of their industry.

And on that night, the Garage and Service Station Proprietors Association of Queensland, the association that would become the Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTA Queensland), was born.

Since then, MTA Queensland has gone from strength to strength, leading and advocating as the peak industry body for the automotive industry.

It has been quite the journey to get to where we are from that one night in September of 1929 and there have been countless changes and advancements in those 91 years.

The latest evolution in the association’s history is a change in stewardship. After five years at the helm, Dr Brett Dale has announced his resignation.

Brett, a long-time champion of innovation, has been integral to putting a spotlight on disruption and understands the need to stay ahead of the game to provide direction, leadership, and support to members.

With his vision, MTAiQ was established as Australia’s first automotive innovation hub in 2017, which is an eco-system that supports innovation for mobility and the motor trades.

Chair of the MTA Queensland board, Paul Peterson said, “While we can be fairly sure where the automotive industry is heading, COVID-19 and 91 years of history has taught us that things are in constant motion and nothing is set in stone.

What we do know, however, is that no matter which path the industry goes down, the association will be present to support and advocate for the best interest of our members.

“I thank Brett for his leadership through COVID-19 which has been outstanding, and he has left the organisation in excellent shape and we wish him well on his future endeavors.”

Stepping into the role is Mr Rod Camm.

Rod has been leading organisations for much of his career and possesses a unique range of experiences as Chief Executive Officer for government agencies, statutory bodies, government-owned corporations, the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) and private member-based organisations.

Rod is recognised for his leadership inindustry engagement, advocacy,andtertiary education, and has worked with the OECD, UNESCO, the G20 Human Capital Taskforce and a broad range of economic reform bodies, boards and reform councils.

Rod said, “I am excited to be leading the MTA Group through the next phase of recovery from COVID-19 and the innovation revolution that is sweeping our industry across the globe.

Even though we are well positioned now, we must keep sharp focus on supporting our members, many of whom are yet to feel the full brunt of the effects of COVID-19.

“The humble automobile has been the backbone of Australia’s economic and social fabric for the last 91 years and the industry will continue to underpin the nation’s economy moving forward.”

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