Munro celebrates more than 50 successful years in fencing

Munro Engineers is a leading Australian manufacturer of post drivers and other revolutionary tools for farmers and fencing contractors
Munro AutoDriver
The Munro AutoDriver combines, in one machine, a fast action rock-breaker style hammer that does not leave the top of the post when driving and an hydraulic auger for drilling pilot holes.

Munro first launched their revolutionary post driver in 1964.

In the five decades since, the Victorian company has sold thousands of its posthole drivers in Australia and across the world.

Company owner Warren McLean said the original Munro posthole driver was manufactured after a bet between two farmers about who could make the best posthole driver.

“The farmer who won the bet, Alastair Mackenzie, and his friend Max Brooke, an hydraulics engineer, approached my father Max McLean,” Mr McLean said.

“We finished the design and manufactured the first model in 1964.

“It was the first machine in the world that combined an auger and a driver for installing posts.”

The popularity of the posthole driver which revolutionised the art of fencing prompted Munro Engineers to specialise in fencing products.

“Our service and spare parts are second to none,” Mr McLean said. “We really look after our customers, many of whom are repeat buyers.”

“The feedback from customers is about how long the machine lasts, how well it’s made and how well it does the job that it’s designed to do,” Mr McLean said.

“Single man fencing contractors who have swapped to the AutoDriver say it’s increased their productivity, with some doubling the number of posts they are able to install in an hour.”

The recently introduced WireWinder is another great product manufactured by Munro.

Allowing users to coil 500 metres of fencing in under a minute the WireWinder is proving popular with both contractors and farmers.

A 121ha (300-ac) dairy farm with a lane system was wound up in just over 2 days. This would take almost three weeks by hand.

For those involved in strip grazing Munro have now manufacture the FenceBoss temporary electric fence system.

This system is designed to make setting up and pulling down temporary electric fencing quicker, easier and safer. It prevents loss and damage to reels and pegs whilst making transporting them a breeze.

For information on call Munro Engineers on tel: 03 5334 2770, email: or see the website at:


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