National Ag is your first call for quality Meridian grain augers

Grain augers for every on-farm operation are available from world renown maker Meridian but orders need to be placed now

Meridian 255mm (10-inch) Swing away Augers are the most versatile choice with models available from 20 to 22m (65.7 to 72.2ft) in length and raising from 12.8 to 14.1m (42 to 46.1ft)

Meridian 255mm (10-inch) Swing away Augers have proven to be one of the most popular auger lines available through National Ag in Moree NSW and are currently available for immediate delivery.

These auger tube models are the most versatile made for moving around the farm and built to last with 13 gauge tubing and strong 7 gauge used on the flight.

There are two 255mm (10-inch) auger lengths to choose from for immediate delivery.

The Meridian 10-66 is 20m (65.7ft) in length and raises to 12.8m (42ft), while the 10-72 is 22m (72.2ft) in length and raises to 14.1m (46.1ft).

These models weigh 2233kg and 2409kg respectively, including both the auger and hitch., so are very easy to transport.

Both models can be run from a 540/PTO with tractor power from 37 to 66kW )50 to 90hp) and this also lends to the popularity of these 255mm (10-inch) Swing away Augers.

The grain moving capacity settles into the 12,250 to 16,300kg per hour range.

A reversing kit is standard on these 255mm (10-inch) Swing away Augers, while a torsion bar assembly will stop any head sway when positioning auger up to the bin.

Meridian often claim a better frame design that allows for more even weight distribution, and that makes these augers easy to position as well as offering more stability when operating in a high raised position.

High quality parts are used in these Meridian products and when incorporated with industry-leading manufacturing techniques such as powder coating for a durable finish, these models become long-lasting.

The 355mm (14-inch) swing augers from Meridian is built with a super heavy-duty undercarriage and truss system that can shift over 40,100kg per hour

National Ag is the perfect supplier to discuss your grain auger requirements with as they also supply meridian swing away augers in bigger sizes from 305mm (12-inch), 330mm (13-inch) and heavy-weight 355mm (14-inch) models.   

There is an extendable swing available for the 355mm (14-inch) swing augers that is designed to keep up with the 40,100kg per hour range this model can shift.

The extendable swing incorporates a 405mm (16-inch) diameter tube, has (9ft) of telescopic travel, and 0.6m (2ft) working range. It seamlessly retracts to position your grain trailer and extends back out for operation.

The hydraulic 3-way controls are conveniently located on the swing tube, making operation simple and efficient. To check on delivery, call Colin Underwood from National Ag direct on 0419 656 879, email: or see more at: