NBN says its connectivity will lift farm produce by 15.6 billion a year

Research from NBN Co’s claims that the internet-enabled technologies they provide access to offers the chance to add $15.6 billion to agriculture production’s gross value each year. Going a long way to back the National Farmers’ Federation goal for agriculture to be a $100 billion industry by 2030 – up from approximately $60 billion today.

The research found that NBN will need to deliver fast broadband across all 7.7 million square kilometres of Australia’s landmass to provide the 85,000 farm businesses with the opportunity adopt of digital agriculture technologies to increase productivity. Forefront in these gains will be real-time monitoring tools such as soil moisture sensors and autonomous irrigation systems that have the potential to inject billions of dollars’ worth of productivity gains in agriculture sector. The research spells out, how adopting technology can save farmers time and money. Expect $8 billion through the use of Artificial Intelligence that collects information to help farmers make data-driven decisions. Another $4.3 billion will come from real-time information such as soil moisture sensors for water efficiencies. While automation will provide $3.3 billion as it saves time by replacing human labour with machines that include autonomous irrigation or autonomous tractors.

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