NDE vertical feed mixers are fast and efficient

NDE FS1000D feed mixer
This NDE FS1000D Feed mixer with a side door offers a 24.5 cu.m product capacity with a 914mm (36-inch) folding conveyor and tandem axles

NDE Co of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has been building TMR feed mixers for more than twenty years. NDE produces vertical mixers with one to three augers and capacities ranging from 9 to 48 cubic metres.

Eastern Spreaders in Kerang, VIC has been distributing the NDE mixers locally since 2000 and carries a full range as well as a large stock of spare parts.

At the core of all vertical NDE mixers is an aggressive auger design with 60cm (2ft) curved carbide knives to quickly and completely process hay bales and roughage.

The full flighted auger design, combined with a stepped floor ensures  an even front to back and bottom to top mix, and easy and complete cleanout.

The stepped floor in NDE mixers places the rear auger floor 250mm (10-inches) higher than the front auger floor, so product moves in a figure 8 flow pattern, ensuring complete mixing of all material.

All NDE models will accept the largest round or square bale and process it quickly, while high capacity models will hold up to six large bales as well as grain and concentrates.

A popular model in the NDE line up is the FS1000D. On this design twin augers overlap to guarantee a complete mix of all ration ingredients.

The FS1000D has a 24.5 cubic metre capacity and on this model, feed is pushed out a 1.1m (3.6ft) side door to an elevator with available lengths of one to three metres.

Rubber wind guards can be fitted to these conveyers and they can be configured with self-levelling feed slides (steel, rubber or magnet). Elevators can be set at any discharge height from 1m to 2.5m (3.3 to 8.2ft).

Both the lifting and driving of elevators is controlled from the tractor remotes.

The FS1000D has a 1000rpm PTO speed and a minimum power requirement of 97kW (130hp).

The mixer is a tandem axle design and can be set up with a walking or sprung configuration. 445/50 R22.5 tyres are fitted as standard, but flotation tyres are also available.

All NDE machines are fitted with Weightronix weighing systems with bold type monitors as standard.

A number of optional features are available for these mixers, including fully programmable scale monitors and a two-speed gearbox for the FS1000D.

NDE FS Series feed mixers are available now from Eastern Spreaders, call on tel: 03  5450  3077, email: sales@easternspreaders.com.au or go to www.easternspreaders.com.au


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