New season lambs set a record price above $330 a head

A national record has been set for new season lambs for $331.20 at sale in Wagga Wagga in New South Wales’ Riverina district

New season lambs set a sales record of $331.20 at the Wagga Wagga NSW sheep sales

The national lamb record was broken today at the sheep and lamb sale in Wagga Wagga in the New South Wales Riverina district.

It was the best result ever recorded for new season lambs when a pen of Forty-five lambs sold for $331.20 a head, and this worked out to be a hefty 1033 cents/kg for the carcase weight.

The pen of 45 record-priced Poll Dorset cross lambs came from Uranquinty producer brothers Gordon and Wayne Rodham, and was purchased by MC Herd, an abattoir based in Geelong Vic. They set the new record at more than $10 above the previous $320, that was set three years ago in 2018.

There was some irony behind the record breaking sales as both the old and new record price belong to Gordon and Wayne Rodham, two sheep breeding brothers in their 80s from nearby Uranquinty NSW.

The brothers are obviously experts in their trade and have taken advantage of this early sale and the ever increasing price of lamb as global demand has simply outstripped supply over the back half of the winter season.

Mark Logan from RH Blake & Co handled the sale and said the Rodham brothers were expert sheep breeders and that each ran their own flock and traded separately, but both had equal passion for rearing their livestock.

In the mobs of the ewes and lambs put up for sale by the brothers there were five ewes that had triplets on them.

Mark said the brothers always present their stock really well, and their sheep are so fertile, and always on feed, while the lambs are on creep feeders. They generally always top the market price.

It appears sheep sales at the Wagga Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre have been running in in leaps and bounds over the last three weeks.

While numbers at this week’s sale had been affected by COVID-19 restriction, down to about 11,000 to 12,000 suckers, and they’re starting to show a bit of quality and the lamb per kilo price was high.