Nutri V vegetable extracts will promote healthier diets

A food manufacturing company, Nutri V, has been formed by leading vegetable grower Fresh Select and Australia’s national science agency CSIRO.

Nutri V is commercialising CSIRO technologies to turn surplus Australian-grown vegetables into ingredients, products and supplements that lock in the vegetable’s natural colour and flavour – ©NutriV

Nutri V is developing nutritious products from vegetables that might otherwise be thrown out, instead, it will be used to help people eat healthier and pioneer more sustainable farming practices.
Nutri V is commercialising CSIRO-patented technologies to turn surplus Australian-grown vegetables into ingredients, products and supplements that lock in the vegetable’s natural colour and flavour.

They also have enhanced nutritional content due to CSIRO’s micro-encapsulation of healthy oils and gut health fermentation applications.

Only 7% of Australian adults and 5% of children eat the recommended five serves off vegetables a day.

At the same time, food waste costs the Australian economy $20 billion each year, with about 20% of all vegetables grown in Australia wasted before even hitting retail shelves.

From fresh to powder – while it may not look very appetising in its manufactured form – it is expected health enthusiasts and Vegans will rush to the highly nutritious goodness held in powered vegetables being developed by CSIRO and Fresh Select – ©NutriV

Sustainable, dairy and gluten free, Nutri V ingredients help the environment as well as Australians looking to meet their daily vegetable intake.

Nutri V CEO John Said explained that Nutri V would produce a range of value-added vegetable ingredients from 100% Australian grown vegetables including highly nutritious powders and purees for use in a variety of applications such as food products or supplements.

We’ll be able to minimise wastage by using the entire crop to make powder – ‘ugly veg’, stems and leaves as well – not just the retail-fit parts,” Mr Said said.

“In the years to come, our planet needs to produce more with the same resources and we see Nutri V as part of that solution.”

“We’ve been collaborating with the CSIRO for more than two decades and this latest venture is a tremendous breakthrough with numerous benefits for people and the planet.”

CSIRO scientist Dr Pablo Juliano said Nutri V was turning cutting-edge food science into products for all Australians to enjoy while making a difference for the planet.

“We’ve been able to apply our expertise in creating nutrient dense foods with innovative techniques to tackle the challenge of converting what might otherwise be lower value crops into foods with enhanced nutritional profile,” Dr Juliano said.

“This is next-step innovation in plant-based ingredient and product technology.”

Mr Said he did not see the Nuri V products as a replacement for a fresh and healthy diet.

“Fresh is best,” Mr Said added.

“Rather, Nutri V provides an opportunity to help consumers increase their vegetable intake quickly and easily.

“Nutri V sees these ingredients as a fantastic opportunity for the Australian food industry to increase the nutritional content of products to maximise the health of consumers.” Mr Said concluded.

The first Nutri V products will be available in the coming months.