Newdegate Machinery Field Days was a stunner

The 45th annual Newdegate Machinery Field Days enjoyed glorious weather and with giant grain hauls and stock prices at record levels the crowd also rose to a record level of almost 17,000. They came to see what the 350 exhibitors had on display, and weren’t disappointed.

There was farm machinery at its finest, along with some heady precision technology, sheep farmers were in their element as the best ewe hogget and best fleece competitions went to the judge.

Tim Pannell from Rocks Gone was awarded the ‘Farm Inventor Award’ at the 2017 Newdegate Machinery Field Days for his big ripper called the Depth Charger.

Tim accepted the award along with Kyle Cutts of Cutts Engineering, who assisted with the design and manufacturing of the machine.

The Depth Charger works across a 6m (19.7ft) width with 14 tines ripping across two rows that can handle two points on each shank. The heavy-duty rib roller attached at the rear adds to the wrestling power of this beast adding another 18 tonnes of gripping power.

The Depth Charger is a fully hydraulic roller-integrated deep ripper designed to overcome the problems commonly seen with deep tillage. The integrated roller, based on a Reefinator roller, crushes clods and soft rock, as well as leaving a firm, level seedbed, for ultimate seed-soil contact and seedling emergence.

The Depth Charger can rip to a maximum depth of 700mm (27-inches) , and is available in 3 and 6m (9.8 and 19.7ft) widths. The tine has easily swappable parts so that different tillage operations can be carried out within the same working day.

Options include a dual-tine set-up to replicate a front leading tine to reduce draft force when ripping 600mm (24-inches) and beyond, delving plates, inclusion plates or an ordinary single tine with shin guard.

The 6m (19.7ft) Depth Charger will be demonstrated throughout the West Australian wheatbelt and a 3m (9.8ft) model will do the rounds of South Australia after appearing at the Yorke Peninsular Field Days in Paskeville on the 26th, 27th and 28th September 2017.

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2018 EVENT DATE:  5th & 6th September. The prospectus will also be available on the website from May 2018.