Nokian Ground King tyre offers ultimate versatility

The new Ground King tyre from Nokian is designed to deliver top performance both in the paddock and on the road
Nokina Ground King tyre
The Hybrilug tread pattern of the Ground King tyre is designed to combine the best features of lug and block type patterns while increasing the tyre’s contact with the driving surface

Farm contracting is big business in Australia. That means a lot of big machines that need to move between jobs quickly and reliably on the road and then get the work done efficiently in the paddock.

With those priorities in mind, Nokian has released the Ground King tyre that combines on-road endurance, traction and grip on soft terrain and a high load-bearing capacity.

What sets the Ground King apart is the use of a whole new type of tread pattern. The company calls it Hybrilug technology and it combines the best features of lug and block type patterns while increasing the tyre’s contact with the driving surface. This contributes positively to grip on soft surfaces while also improving on-road characteristics.

Testing has shown the Ground King delivers increased power to the ground while reducing wheel slip compared to a reference tyre, and has the added benefit of putting less strain on the soil so that vegetation that has been driven over recovers faster.

The Ground King was also shown to deliver improved fuel economy, a top priority for contractors. In the paddock fuel use was reduced by 4 per cent, while on the road savings increased to 9 per cent compared to a reference tyre.

Besides having good performance on a variety of surfaces, a modern contracting tyre also needs to be ready for heavy weights and the Ground King has a high strength structure that remains stable under heavy loads.

To be economical, contractors also require long life from their tyres and the Ground King is designed to maintain its properties even when worn – and wear down slowly, for that matter.

Nokian says the amount of high-grade, wear resistant tread compound in the Hybrilug technology, together with the extended ground contact extends the tyre’s effective operating life to a whole new level.

Trial users of the Ground King have also reported that it is quiet on the road, reducing fatigue for operators, and has excellent self-cleaning properties.

The Ground King is available now in six tractor sizes but Nokian says a further eight will be available in early 2021. For more information go to:


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