Nokian Ground King tyres with Intuitu smart connectivity wins Fennia award 2022

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The advanced Ground King tyre range from Nokian has scooped the technology pool for smart tyres with the Fennia award

Nokian Ground King Intuitu smart tyres handle all farm conditions as operators achieve added traction, a more comfortable ride and self-cleaning in the paddock

Nokian engineers have shown that adding technology to good design is the key for giving farmers access to the most efficient tyre wear available.

making technology accessible, intuitive and useful. In a best-case scenario, technological excellence and good design go hand in hand, enabling new and more pleasant ways of doing things.

The Nokian Ground King Intuitu smart tyres also combine the revolutionary Hybrilug tread pattern technology with its wireless connectivity for a more functional and longer wearing tyre.

This has proven to be the winning combination, that earned its design team the prestigious Fennia Prize Winner award.

The Nokian Ground King Intuitu smart tyres has the unique Hybrilug tread pattern technology and with its wireless connectivity is a more functional and longer wearing tyre

Bridging the gap between a lug and block pattern tyre, Nokian Tyres Ground King has a pattern design unlike anything else in the market.

And when this block pattern is combined with Nokian Tyres Intuitusmart tyre sensors and application, you have a tractor tyre that is unique in many ways.

“I’ve had the pleasure to be part of the Nokian Tyres Ground King project all the way, from the beginning from the ideation to the prototypes and extensive testing”, says Caleb Claassen, Head Designer at Nokian Tyres.

“You can use the same tyre in all kinds of farm conditions and still achieve much more comfortable ride, traction, self-cleaning in the paddock, and really smooth and vibration-free ride on the roads,” Caleb added.

Nokian Ground King tyres offer high load-bearing capacity for the use of heavy work implements and high loads

Intuitu connectivity

Besides the new tread technology, the Nokian Tyres Ground King has a digital dimension with Intuitu connectivity.

The Intuitu platform, paired with the sensors inside the tyre, keeps the owner informed of the tires’ condition, making work safer, more efficient and economical.

The winning design

The judges at Fennia Prize 22 appreciated not only the design of the tyre, but the future potential it holds. In their rationale, the jury says:

Ground King tyres have a distinct advantage with their Hybrilug lug and block patterns for extra all-terrain mobility and traction

“The utilisation of design has already yielded added value and premium quality for the company’s products. User centricity has always been important to the company.

“Ground King Intuitu tyres are our flagship product that also helps the company stand out from the competition,” Caleb concluded.

The winning team

While a new product is always a large joint effort, the core team of the Nokian Tyres Ground King consists of Head Designer Caleb Claassen, Development Manager Samuli Räisänen, Product Manager Tero Saari and Product Manager Matthew Crocker. Nokian Tyres congratulated them, and everyone involved. See more about the Nokian Ground King tyre range on this link.