Northern Territory will receive a $500,000 grant to help manage Siam weed

The Australian Government is providing $500,000 to the Northern Territory (NT) for a collaborative project to better manage Siam weed in northern Australia, through a Federation Funding Agreement with states and territories as part of the $30.3 million Established Pest Animals and Weeds Management Pipeline Program.

Siam weed is one of the world’s worst weeds, with a phenomenal growth rate and massive seed production.

It can smother tropical fruit crops, young forestry plantations and pastures, and is toxic to cattle. It is also a serious environmental weed, invading native woodlands and posing a major fire hazard in the dry season.

Northern Territory Minister for Environment Eva Lawler said that in addition to the $500,000 being contributed by the Commonwealth, the NT and project partners are providing $485,000 in cash and in-kind support towards the project.

We know that smart environment policy is smart economic policy – and that more action is needed to mitigate and control Siam weed, and that is what we are doing through a coordinated and targeted approach.

“Our agribusiness and aquaculture industries contribute $1.2 billion to the Territory economy and provide many jobs, which is why the Territory Government takes biosecurity and weeds management very seriously,” Minister Lawler said.

“Australia has some of the most resilient farmers in the world and they do a great job at managing the impact of pest animals and weeds on their land, Minister Littleproud said.

“However, we recognise that there is a need to improve the skills and capacity of farmers and land managers, and the tools available to them to manage pest animals and weeds,” Minister Lawler concluded.

The Federal Government acknowledged the significant contribution from the NT government and project partners of cash and in-kind support towards the project.

This project is a great example of how strong collaboration across governments and land managers can improve the management of established pest animals and weeds.

The Australian Government’s $5 million in funding, supported by cash and in-kind contributions from the states and territories, will deliver 11 projects across Australia to improve the management of established pest animals and weeds that have a detrimental effect on Australia’s agricultural competitiveness and the environment.

The Australian Government’s $30.3 million Established Pest Animals and Weeds Management Pipeline Program aims to deliver a lasting legacy to farmers, land managers and the wider community in the fight against established pest animals and weeds.