NSK Agri disc hubs are built strong to avoid downtime

The NSK Agri Disc Hub is an extremely robust component for cultivation and seeding equipment as it’s capable of supporting very high axial and radial loads

Farm machinery manufacturers face the unavoidable reality that their agricultural equipment will meet some of the harshest challenges possible and while their extra tempered steel is up to the task it can often be mechanical components that can fail and drag down the brand.

Components are an often underestimate factor in a built, but in fact is the very link that suffers most from contamination, moisture, vibration and shock loads.

Successful manufacturers avoid damage to their machines and reputation by fitting one of the world’s leading bearing makes, NSK, who is having great success following the release of its Agri Disc Hub product range.

The Agri Disc Hub has proved to be an extremely robust unit for disc machines running from 300 to 800mm diameters that thunder through some of the most menacing undergrowth and in turn offer a smooth run for highly sensitive precision disc planters.

The benefit from running equipment fitted with NSK Agri Disc Hub units results in less downtime for greater productivity, and this relates to overall reduced cost.

These units comprise double-row angular contact ball bearings capable of supporting very high axial and radial loads.

They are designed to alleviate any sudden impact caused by hard objects in the ground that can create high axial loads, as a result of the angle the tilling equipment is positioned as to its relation with the direction of movement.

The units can be screwed straight onto the discs, with an O-ring set into the bearing housing to add support to help protect the bearing.

A cassette seal has been developed specially for agri machines and this protects the bearing on the arm side of the unit.

This cassette seal has withstood extensive testing and prevents moisture and water from getting into the unit, even if the machine is cleaned down with strong high-pressure washers.

DDU seals prevent the loss of lubricant and  provide further protection. Agri Disc Hubs use a high-performance lubricant developed by NSK specifically for conditions of this kind.

In addition to a wide range of standard components, NSK ishighly flexible when it comes to developing special, customised solutions for manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

Contact NSK direct for any specific build requirements or replacement parts at: https://www.bsc.com.au/nsk


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