Why NSK’s Agri Disc Hub Unit is so tough

NSK has released a Agri Disc Hub Unit for tillage equipment with a thicker housing to absorb heavy impacts and therefore offers better protection of the sealing arrangement and to cope with very high axial loads

Especially for the harsh conditions unique to Australia, NSK has developed their Agri Disc Hub Unit to meet the challenge head on. It is easy to see why NSK is a leader in its field.

Using a solid steel housing, the strength of the Agri Disc Hub Unit is not compromised and is a function of the material thickness in the areas that count. The main body of the housing is a minimum of 8.5mm which is significantly more than other products available in the market place. This housing thickness has a greater ability to absorb heavy impact loads and therefore better protect the sealing arrangement. No additional steel rings are required to protect the hub unit from impact damage.

Contamination has to negotiate a very complex channel to reach the rolling elements. A five-lip cassette seal is strategically located up under a pressure plate and is the start of this channel. The rolling elements themselves are further protected by a triple lip seal that is integral to the bearing. This double seal arrangement will ensure the NSK Agri Disc Hub Unit is still operating well after others have stopped.

The bearing itself is a separate unit from the housing. With a double row of balls, 14 balls in each track, means significant load capacities are achieved especially when these balls are larger than normal. Running with a contact angle of 40-degrees, this gives the NSK Agri Disc Hub Unit the advantage of coping with very high axial loads which is crucial when considering the angle of the disc on tillage equipment.

In addition to a wide range of standard components, NSK is highly flexible when it comes to developing special, customised solutions for manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

Overall for tough, harsh, abrasive conditions, NSK’s Agri Disc Hub Unit has shown it will last the distance. Many growers realise they don’t come any tougher than NSK.

Contact NSK for further information on email: aus-nskvicsales@nsk.com