Nutrix supplementary piglet feeding from WEDA

The Nutrix system automatically doses liquid feed into pens and only refills feeding bowls when they have been emptied.

Many pig farming operations will know the dilemma of having too many piglets for a sow to feed alone. To combat this problem, WEDA developed the Nutrix piglet feeding system.

In operation for five years now, the Nutrix system has proven itself with sows losing less weight during the suckling period and piglets gaining weight more efficiently.

The automatic supplementary feeding system is based on liquid feed dosed automatically via a feeding bowl installed in the pen wall between two pens and can thus be reached from both pens. One essential feature is that the filling level is monitored permanently throughout the day and minimal quantities (from 30 grams) of fresh feed are only dosed into the trough once the piglets have emptied it.

“As early as the day after birth, piglets can receive supplementary milk feed via the trough. After a very short time, all piglets adopt the system so well that milk quantities can be increased slowly and subsequently mixed with pre-starter feed,” summarised Ralf Meyer, head of development at WEDA. A continuous adjustment of recipes according to growth phase not only saves feed costs but also significantly prevents possible diarrhoeal diseases.

The computer dashboard is able to generate reports as well as a maintenance schedule.

WEDA has now equipped Nutrix with an optimised computer solution. The computer makes management of both small and large operations easier to handle thanks to simplified operation. Added benefits include an improved dashboard that is able to generate reports as well as a maintenance schedule. In addition, automated distribution of these forms via email is now easy to handle.