Oz Value rolls out affordable machinery


Oz Value Ag Machinery is offering an affordable alternative in the land roller segment with their Flatout range. Source: The Land

The Flatout land roller range is available in three roller types, a simple fixed roller in widths to four metres, Twist Rollers that swivel for easy transportation up to seven metres and Tri-Plex roller, a massive three part roller that hydraulically folds for transport and is available in sizes up to 19m.

Key features of the range include 75 millimetre bearings, RHS frame, hydraulic locking pins and a floating hitch on the Tri-Plex models.

Twist and folding (Tri-Plex) models are all fitted with quality hydraulics making conversion from transport mode to working mode effortless.

A 12 metre roller with 16mm thick steel offers ground pressures up to 750 kilograms per meter with even roll pressure making it ideal for rolling lentils, peas and beans.

The three section Tri-Plex also provides an even roll thanks to the overlap between each of the sections.

All models feature a robust design, for extended performance and ensuring servicing and upkeep of the roller is straight-forward.

Oz Value Ag said pricing is keen with the 12m, 16mm land roller just $42,900 including GST. New stock of common sizes is arriving soon and custom widths are available for order.