OZTEC tube conveyors are designed and built local to move everything in less time

Oztec’s 40m Tubeveyor is the most effective in moving bulk grain with a 600mm-wide belt running inside a 406mm tube it also offers gentle handling of crops such as lupins and chickpea

The Tubeveyor’s 40m length allows it to reach to the top of a 15m silo while keeping the conveyor angle at an efficient 25 degrees

And while Oztec’s grain handling equipment includes chaser bins, field bins and augers, it’s the massive advances the company has made into tubeconveyors and grain elevators that’s in focus this season.

The Oztec company was approached by a local grower to build an enormous 40m tube conveyor for shifting grain on-farm.

Now that’s a big task, but one the Toowoomba Qld based company was prepared to take on, even though it would be the largest conveyor of its type that Oztec had ever built.

Oztec’s Managing Director John Sheehan says his team designed and built the Tubeveyor with a 600 mm-wide belt conveyor inside a 406mm tube and it has the capacity to carry a wide range of grains.

“We have been building self-propelled augers and tube conveyors since we started in 2003, but this is the biggest one we have ever done,” John said.

“It is run by a John Deere 6068T1 industrial engine, which is the same engine we have put in our auger models.

“It is a very reliable engine and has more than enough power for this job as well. Over the last 15 years we haven’t had one bit of trouble with these engines.”

John added the Tubeveyor is unique in its size.

A 107kW (144hp) John Deere 6068T1 six-cylinder engine provides the power for the Tubeveyor and is mated to a Kensho K27 engine controller

“With a belt conveyor like this you can only run it up to an angle of 25 degrees or the grain starts falling backwards on the belt. It is 40m long to get the height needed to fill silos that are 15m high.

“We could have built it as a shorter self-propelled grain auger, but over that height an auger puts a lot of pressure on the grain.

“The belt is a lot softer on lupins and chickpeas, so it handles the grain more gently. That’s the main reason this farmer went with a belt conveyor this long.”

Oztec came up with a completely new design for the 40m Tubeveyor to give it a high level of stability. It required four wheels on 6m wheel centres to be stable.

John Deere’s 6068Ti is a six-cylinder engine providing nett continuous at 106kW (144hp). It runs at 1800rpm, and that means it’s not working excessively hard for this application.

“The engine is working well,” John says. “We have put a Kensho K27 engine controller with it, which is a computer that provides the engine with greater protection and management.

“It is very easy to operate and has a lot of features which we don’t need to use, but it has very extensive software in it and it goes well with the John Deere product.”

The Oztec range of grain augers and Tubeveyors can be ordered in any length, diameter and with engine sizes to suit any size farming operation.

Oztec also manufactures grain and cotton-handling equipment for the agricultural sector, as well as industrial conveyors and other equipment for the oil and gas drilling and mining industries.

Oztecengineer designed chaser bins range in capacities from 12 to 60 tonnes and bins with 25 tonnes capacities and up can also be fitted with a Oztec Longreach conveyor system that enables pickup from headers on 9 to 18m tramlines

In addition, the Oztec engineer designed chaser bins range in capacities from 12 to 60 tonnes, with ten standard models offering sizes of: 12T, 15T, 18T, 21T, 25T, 30T, 36T, 45T, 50T and 60T.

Depending on requirements, the bins offer ADR and BPW axle systems including single axle, tandem-axle with self-steering walking beam suspension.

Or tri- or quad-axle self-steer with independent hydraulic suspension.

Flotation tyres are fitted for high carrying capacity and to ensure reduced soil compaction with the added advantage of extra stability.

The manufacturer claims these tyres have up to three times the life of standard agricultural tyres.

Discharge augers with included PTO shafts are fitted to bins as standard and come in 400, 480 and 530mm (16, 19 and 21-in) diameters.

Bins with 25 tonnes capacities and up can also be fitted with an optional Oztec Longreach conveyor system which enables pickup from headers on 9 to 18m tramlines.

The challenge for Oztec to offer a Longreach system for 18m tramlines was to have a catcher system that reaches out to 8.1 metres from the centreline of the tractor and also be compact when in the travel position.

Oztec’s Longreach system for 18m tramlines has a catcher system that reaches out to 8.1 metres from the centreline of the tractor

Oztec’s solution is to use two overlapping belts. Still very stable and the operator has good control in placing grain where they want on the belt.

The 1.8m-wide belt conveyor gives a landing area of approximately 7.14 sq metres.

Twin full-length cross augers on the top of the bin distributes the incoming grain evenly forward and rear to fill the bin to the maximum capacity.

Chaser bins are also supplied with a full-length hinged cleanout door and a heavy duty roll-top roof tarpaulin.

Optional extras include a road kit, bagging chute, an electrically or hydraulically controlled adjustable spout on the discharge auger, a weigh system and hydraulic drive instead of a PTO.

As an established leading local manufacturer, Oztec can custom build and engineer grain chaser bins, grain augers and Tubeveyors in an extensive range of lengths, diameters and engine power to suit any farming operations.

For more information call Oztec on tel: 07 4635 2600 or see the full range at www.oztecman.net.au