Parklands superstores


Parklands has introduced a superstore concept for its range of power equipment product stores. Source: AFDJ eNews

“It’s not a Superstore in the Ikea or Bunnings model,” Managing Director Ron Zacka said.

“But we’ve tailored the Superstore concept, by improving on current industry practice. Other power products suppliers tend to get their dealers to pay up front for a set-up package. They make them commit to ongoing payments to support product advertising.”

The Parklands’ concept sees the company put up product display and outdoor signage, even entire storefronts, at no charge. The company also provides advertising support to its dealers, who only commit to stock the display units with Parklands products and agree to undergo product training.

The company vets the dealers who apply to become superstores and also provides them with the support. It’s a win-win situation for both the dealer and the supplier, as each one helps each other.

“The customer gets to experience a more professional-looking and well laid out store,” Mr Zacka said.

“Plus he/she is sure to be able to discuss particular needs with someone who is fully-trained on product capabilities, proper use and user benefits.

“This means that the customer gets peace-of-mind, as he/she knows that Parklands have taken the time to not only vet the Superstore owner, but also trained the staff to a professional level.”

A recently organised Superstore, Steve’s Mowers in Ballina, NSW, is a good example of the way the concept works for the dealer.

Though not a large store, the dealer only stocks products distributed by Parklands: Tanaka, Parklander, Castlegarden and Hisun.

“They back their products to the hilt, make sure they work to Aussie conditions and provide continuing product training,” store owner Steve Smith said.

The company will continue rolling out the Parklands Superstore nationally in the coming months.

Mr Smith was the latest to join the Superstore network of around 30 with some in NSW, VIC, TAS, QLD and WA.