Peach and nectarine exporters gain expanded market access into Vietnam

Local peach and nectarine exporters once again have market access into Vietnam following successful completion of technical negotiations between the two countries.

Trade expansion into Vietnam will provide greater export opportunities for Australian producers and support the livelihood of regional communities.

Vietnam is a priority market for premium Australian fresh fruit. The growing middle class there has a strong demand for high quality, affordable and convenient fresh foods, a demand our farmers are able and willing to meet.

The Federal government is now working with industry to enable trial exports by the end of this season before fully opening the trade for the start of next season.”

The Federal Government’s $85.9 million Agri-Business Expansion Initiative directly supported the department’s efforts to accelerate market access outcomes with Vietnam.

Chair of Summerfruit Australia Ltd, Mr Andrew Finlay welcomed the achievement, which has been some five years in the making.

“I would like to thank all those who have played a part in achieving this market access, and who worked hard to negotiate a set of protocols agreed to by both countries,” Mr Finlay said.

“After the COVID pandemic put a stop to face-to-face meetings, negotiations continued, via video conference and the Australian agriculture counsellor based in Vietnam.

“As part of the process we worked with DAWE and a number of growers, packers, exporters and treatment facilities to undertake a ‘virtual visit’ of the authorities from Vietnam.”

Vietnam trade is building:

·         Vietnam is Australia’s 7th largest market for agriculture, forestry, and fisheries products (two-way trade valued at $4.39 billion 2021 split 77/23 in Australia’s favour).

·         Vietnam is a burgeoning market with strong economic growth expected, presenting opportunities for expansion and diversification of agribusiness and food trade.

·         Value of Australia’s total fruit exports forecast to be $1.4 billion in 2021-22.

·         The Australian Government is investing $85.9 million to help Australian agribusinesses expand and diversify their export markets through the Agri-Business Expansion Initiative (ABEI).