Perard Interbenne 46 chaser bins offer a big capacity

Ideal for large-scale growers and contractors running with outputs of more than 100 tonnes per hour the Interbenne 46 runs 12.5m in length, with a 2.9m width. Dry weight is 14.8 tonnes and the maximum unloading height tops out at 4.5m

Pérard chaser bins are built to exacting standards in France and are now available here in two model ranges – the X-Flow and the larger capacity Interbenne.

Four models of X-Flow are available with capacities from 15 to 34 cubic metres. The two smaller carts at 15 and 19 cubic metres have a single axle, while the larger 28 and 34 cubic metre carts ride on double axles.

Standard functions of the X-Flow include a large 500mm (20-in)diameter auger for the 15 and 19 models, while this increases to a 600mm (24-in) diameter auger for the 28 and 34 models.

This allows them to deliver lightning fast discharge rates, along with their extended wheel width for added stability in the paddock, and a heavy-duty fixed drawbar for conistent performance in rugged conditions.

Interbenne models ride on double or triple axles and boost work output with 27, 38 and 46 cubic metre capacities. On these models the multi-position, side-mounted discharge augers with variable discharge height deliver maximum versatility.

The Interbenne 46 chaser bin from Pérard can run on triple axles or tracks and has a 46 cubic metre capacity that equates to 35 tonnes of wheat that can be unloaded in just 90 seconds

The range-topping Interbenne 46 is equipped with a 700mm (28in) plunger auger and 600mm (24-in) swivelling discharge tube that makes it possible to obtain a high discharge rate of up to 30 tonnes per minute.

As a result, the Interbenne Pérard chaser bins offer loads of carrying capacity46 can follow several combine harvesters, even those armed with very large commodity outputs.

Handling big capacities quickly is where the Interbenne 46 shines. The 35 tonnes of wheat it can hold takes less than 90 seconds to unload in dry conditions.

For operators working in challenging conditions or seeking to minimise soil compaction, the Interbenne 46 is offered in a tracked version.

Power to drive the bottom and unloading auger comes straight off the tractor’s PTO and three spools are required – one for swinging the auger tube out, one for opening the trap door and another for pressurising the hydraulic drawbar suspension system.

Popular specs are for 710/50R26.5 Michelin tyres, full air and hydraulic brakes, 40kph axles, a hydraulically suspended drawbar and a roll-over tarpaulin.

Larger 800/45 R30.5 tyres are also an option and the overall width will still be less than 3m, which makes the Interbenne perfect for road transport if operators want to unload to a silo.

The Interbenne 46 runs 12.5m in length, with a 2.9m width. Dry weight is 14.8 tonnes and the maximum unloading height tops out at 4.5m.

Large-scale growers and contractors running the biggest combines and dealing with outputs of more than 100 tonnes per hour should consider the Interbenne 46.

For more information call the local Pérard distributor direct on tel: 07 4631 4300, or check the full range of Pérard models on their website at:



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