Phillbourne Retrodrum is the feed auger that boosts header efficiency

With the pressure to perform without down-time during a busy cropping season, nothing is more important in the harvest window than a reliable and efficient header

Retrodrum is the first choice easy-to-fit replacement feed auger designed to boost header efficiency and prevent blockages and breakdown in even the toughest crops

This reliability factor is why the Retrodrum has won over many new customers over the past few seasons.

Designed and manufactured by Phillbourne of Merredin WA, the Retrodrum is a replacement feed auger that has made its mark as being able to handle the toughest of crops with ease.

Several years ago, Phillbourne was asked by an Esperance WA farmer to develop a replacement feed drum for his MacDon harvester front, based on the very simple design the company used on its pickup fronts.

The drum developed to help the farmer was so successful that Phillbourne sold nearly 400 units over the next 14 months.

Since production of the Retrodrum began, a policy of continuous improvement has resulted in a more refined product covering an ever-growing range of models.

There are now over 1000 units working in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

It’s no surprise the Retrodrum’s first client was a MacDon owner, as MacDon owners are known to suffer the frustration of slow harvest speeds in bulky crops, and blockages and breakdowns caused by the standard feed drum in their fronts.

The Retrodrum can harvest canola or beans and then move to light feed crops with very little adjustment required.

Retrodrum became an instant fix for these problems, allowing operators to use the full width of their front, go faster and get crops off quicker.

The Retrodrum is manufactured in Merredin WA at Phillbourne’s long established factory where the heavy-duty design with aggressive retractable fingers was first conceived and is now the preferred replacement auger running on 1,000’s of headers worldwide

Phillbourne’s Retrodrum is an ideal replacement auger for models from John Deere, Honeybee, Midwest, Case IH and New Holland models.

In 2020 revised MacDon units were added to the range along with new models for FDI and AGCO MF fronts.

Fitting the Retrodrum is a quicker operation than fixing the originals on many header fronts, and growers have found it comes at a fraction of the price.

Retrodrum’s heavy-duty design includes retractable fingers, that offer a much more aggressive pattern. It literally grabs crop and pulls it through in a constant and steady flow.

Satisfied customers report the Retrodrum reduces harvest time, saves fuel, eliminates the need for expensive spares and allows the deferment of previously planned harvester upgrades.

If you want to eliminate harvesting issues, order your Retrodrum now for the next harvest.

For more information call Phillbourne direct on tel: 08 9041 2066, see the website at or email