A poultry wizard from Manitou


The reduced dimensions of Manitou’s new MVT 730 makes it ideal for narrow aisles or paths, it was designed specifically with the poultry industry in mind. Source: AFDJ eNews

With lifting capacities of three tonnes and lifting heights of 6.84 meters, the MVT 730 is ideal for tasks requiring a compact and low profile machine (2.11 in width, 1.99 in height).

It is fully compliant under the Australian standards; the MVT 730 has been manufactured to ensure safety and reliability in Australia’s environment.

And it can be tailored, on demand through the company’s dealer network, to meet the very specific needs of customers.

This telehandler is equipped with a Varioshift transmission so the operator can change driving speeds without interrupting the torque, which gives smoothness and precision when approaching and handling fragile loads.

With two pumps (of 85 and 46l/min) and a flow sharing valve, the MVT 730 provides rapid and simultaneous hydraulic movements.

The MVT 730 offers better ergonomics to increase an operators’ productivity as well as an easily accessible low cab, comfortable seats and full 360 visibility.

It is also equipped with a Manitou JSM (Joystick Switch & Move) to control all the boom’s movements as well as the machine’s forward and backward movements with only one hand.

The radiator and automatic reverse fan of the airflow ensures optimum cooling. Coupled with additional oil cooling the MVT 730 has been optimized for Australia’s harsh climate.

All Manitou machines come equipped with a 4-wheel drive and three steering modes therefore it is able to operate on all types of terrains.

With a low profile, compact design and lifting capacities of 3000kg, the MVT 730 is perfectly suited to all agricultural applications but is mainly targeted to the poultry industry because of its very compact design.