Power Equipment offers top badges to power your world

Family owned company Power Equipment has been operating for over 30 years delivering diesel power solutions to Australian customers and 10 years of operation in New Zealand

Power equipment is the essential power source supplier for anyone operating in agriculture, irrigation, construction and many other commercial sectors

No matter what industry segment you operate in, agriculture, irrigation, construction, manufacturing, or just about any commercial operation, the power source is an essential component in the continued productivity and success of any business.

You need to be certain that your machinery will perform with the utmost reliability and without compromise, Power Equipment is committed to achieving those aims with its portfolio of premium brands and exceptional customer service and technical support.

Power equipment’s operation is backed by very substantial warehouses of product and parts as shown here at their Lyndbrook VIC distribution operation

Power Equipment is highly renowned for their expertise and stable of quality brands, including Yanmar and John Deere diesel power sources from 3kW (4.2hp) right up to 359kW (486hp), which embodies the power and dependability you demand.

A family owned company with over 30 years of power products experience, you can rely on Power Equipment to power your world.

And with a large dealer network right across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, you can rest assured reliable power is just around the corner.

Yanmar industrial diesel engines

With a long heritage and a century of research and development incorporated into their products, Yanmar’s range of industrial diesel engines exceed power and environmental expectations.

Using their proprietary compact direct injection technology, these engines achieve maximum combustion efficiency through an ideal match between the combustion chamber and

injection system.

This means a powerful, yet environmentally friendly engine that offers a versatile range of uses and installation options.

Compact and versatile, the Yanmar range of industrial engines provide all users, no matter what your needs, with the confidence these efficient engines are easy to install and embrace lower running costs without sacrificing power and performance.

Yanmar TNV engine irrigation packs

Yanmar irrigation packs

Power Equipment irrigation packs have been engineered, developed and tested to provide a robust base, ready to power a pump capable of meeting all known water distribution requirements.

Powered by the proven reliability of Yanmar TNV engines, these irrigation pack configurations offer power ranges from 9.5kW (13hp) to 62kW (84hp).

Pre-configured, these packs are straightforward to set up and come complete with a heavy-duty 45C rated radiator, air cleaner, vibration isolating mounts, pump mounting plate, muffler, variable speed controller, skid base and battery leads. Oil and coolant are also included to get you up and running.

All that’s required is the addition of your favourite reliable pump which can be paired with four separate flywheel configurations.

With the addition of fuel and battery, your irrigation system can be up and running in no time, ready to provide years of reliable performance with hassle free maintenance.

Yanmar YH single + three phase genset

Yanmar industrial generators

Yanmar’s efficient, economical and super-quiet generators provide a reliable supply of power, wherever and whenever you need it.

Silent, compact and with minimal fluctuations, the Yanmar range of direct injection diesel generators are amongst the smallest and most economical generators available.

Feature-packed to provide versatile power delivery – including an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) that ensures low fluctuation in power delivery – these generators offer a

dusk-to-dawn operation from a single tank of diesel.

For easy transport the extra lightweight YDG models can be carried by the frame, while the larger YH units have an integrated lifting structure and forklift pockets.

YH models are available in single and also three-phase configuration with an extra-large fuel tank capacity of 85 litres.

With internal and external emergency shut-down button, an all-in-one controller with digital display, 12V battery charger, high performance radiator and a quality sound attenuated canopy, they are the one machine with all the features you need.

John Deere 6135 HN Power Pack

John Deere PowerTech industrial diesel engines

John Deere build an extensive range of off-highway diesel engines that are best in class, efficient and dependable.

Through their long and proud history of designing and manufacturing some of the best engines and machinery available, farmers, irrigators, OEM equipment manufacturers and their customers can rely on John Deere power.

The John Deere engine range embodies their philosophy of lifelong reliability and fuel

efficiency, all while having to meet increasingly stringent environmental and emissions regulations.

The continued research and building block approach to exhaust emissions technology allows the John Deere product range to meet and exceed the exhaust emissions regulations anywhere in the world.

Within the John Deere range, Power Equipment can supply PowerTech 4.5L engines with capacities of 38 to 81kW (51-110hp), PowerTech 6.8L engines with 57 to 164kW

(77-222hp) capacities.

And larger PowerTech 9.0L engines rated at 172 to 217kW (233–294hp) and the range

topping PowerTech 13.5L engines with power of 287-363kW (388-491hp).

Whatever your power requirements, Power Equipment are confident they can offer a power product that will suit, meet and exceed any current expectations.

For more product information or to find your nearest dealer, contact Power Equipment on
1800 069 469, or see the full range at: http://www.powerequipment.com.au/