Power Equipment Yanmar irrigation packs and John Deere industrial engines

Power Equipment celebrates their 30th Anniversary of supplying engines, generators and irrigation solutions with a line-up of over 100 models specifically for industry demands

This year, Power Equipment celebrates their 30th Anniversary of supplying engines, generators and irrigation solutions to Australian industry and agricultural sectors.

Over this period the range has evolved in line with technology and industry demands to comprise a line-up of over 100 models specifically for industry demands.

Yanmar irrigation packs are just such an example where the industry-proven reliability of the Yanmar engine becomes a valuable contributor to farming efficiency.

The Yanmar irrigation packs are available in a range from the 2TNV70 5.5kW (7.5 hp) right up to the 4TNV98T 55kW (75hp) model.

Yanmar irrigation packs offer straight forward reliability and are easy to set up and commission to deliver water to where it is needed.

The robust units can then be configured to match any specific requirements with the addition of accessories that transform them into a true working companion.

For stationary units, optional features include a 120-litre fuel tank to increase the run-time of the engine.

Power Equipment offers John Deere irrigation power packs ranging from 26 to 371kW (36-505hp) and they can be specified in a variety of builds to suit any operation

This can additionally be protected from the harsh environment by incorporating a roof over the unit that attaches neatly to the back of the frame.

With an engine controller to match any specific requirements not only can these units become a valuable contributor to a farming routine they can be automated to perform their task to allow more productivity and provide asset protection.

Across a range of four controllers, PE-Nano, PE-Manual, PE-Auto and PE-Auto 3G with remote monitoring and telemetry, they provide an extensive range of features and sensor compatibility.

Complementary to the Yanmar range of engines and irrigation packs Power Equipment are also the Australian and New Zealand distributor for John Deere Power Systems.

This completes the most comprehensive offering of power solutions available.

John Deere’s industrial engines comprise an output range from 26 to 371kW (36-505hp) across the available 20 engine models and are ideal for agriculture, and also construction, forestry, mining, generator drive, and thousands of other applications.

This Yanmar N2970 Irrigation engine with a roof is what you need – it is part of the Yanmar clean, quiet, powerful and fuel efficient range – mounted to a robust galvanised steel frame

For growers after exceptional job-proven performance from a diesel engine, Power Equipment have both the Yanmar and John Deere range of industrial engines that are hard-working, reliable and efficient.

For more information on Power Equipment irrigation power call on tel: 1800 069 469, email: info@powerequipment.com.au or go to: www.powerequipment.com.au


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