Prairie Pro Series 2 launch is here and expect it to put a smile on your face

Every farmer in the market for a trailed model has been holding out to get a gander at the Goldacres Prairie Pro Series 2 models

Dealers will be the first to get their hands on Goldacres’ Prairie Pro Series 2 trailed sprayers so they can relay any information through to the many growers anticipating putting the models into work during the coming season

Goldacres has moved a step closer to a farmer launch of their much-anticipated trailed sprayer range that boasts a giant 10,000-litre model to keep the hungriest of operators fulfilled.

However, it is dealers that will get the first chance to play with these ground-breaking models.

On the 21st of July Goldacres is hosting dealers from around the country for the exclusive Prairie Pro Series 2 trailing sprayer launch.

And while recent seasons have proven to be hard for such events to be held, Goldacres’ management felt it was much needed to have a dealer group catchup for the Prairie PS2 launch.

Goldacres released the popular G6 Series 2 self-propelled machine in mid 2020 – right in the heart of COVID-19 lockdowns, so many sales were taken before some dealerships had even cast their eyes on the sprayer.

Not wanting history to repeat itself, Goldacres will throw this launch with the full range of the latest Prairie Pro Series 2’s on display for all Goldacres dealers to see and test.

The launch will be held at the recently restored “The Goods Shed” where factory tours take place at the Goldacres manufacturing plant in Mitchell Park in Ballarat Vic.

Buyers should take the further option of a 305mm (12-inch) colour touch screen inside the tractor cab as it also matches perfectly with Goldacres own G-Hub sprayer control system with a 127mm (5-inch) screen and keypad at the fill station

The Prairie Pro models represent Goldacres’ flagship trailing models that include product carrying capacities of 5000, 6500, 8500 and 10,000-litres with RivX booms that stretch across 24 to 36m, and with the option of a Tritech V boom at 48m.

The Prairie PS2 models represent a complete redesign of the manufacturer’s Prairie Pro trailing model, that was prompted by what customers had requested.

And as those familiar with the philosophy of Goldacres management, it was well within the company’s ability to make changes according to what the market wanted, aided greatly by the fact its sprayers are designed and manufactured in Australia.

With farming practices changing in a direction toward higher accuracy, less wastage and getting more done, the company agreed. And a rethink of the range would produce the outstanding results that owners now required and place Goldacres in a market leading position.

The philosophy behind the Prairie PS2 model was to create a trailing sprayer that shared the same filling and application technology from the recently released Crop Cruiser G6 Series 2.

This takes operators in a sphere where these trailed sprayers are much easier to use, with electric controls for all functions and full diagnostics info for trouble shooting. A trailed sprayer that is armed with all the functions and smarts of a much higher priced self-propelled model.

For growers seeking out the high product capacity 8500 and 10,000-litre models they have the option to fit a 48m TriTech V boom that will cover the ground quicker than anything else

The Prairie Pro Series 2 is a vastly different machine to both what Goldacres have previously offered and alternative sprayers available.

Aimed at growers who demand the very best in terms of build quality, functions and technology, it is designed for maximum efficiency from the season’s first fill to the last application with all chemicals on target and minimum waste.

Careful consideration has been made in determining what operators value most in a sprayer, with many features that were previously options now built into the model as standard equipment.

Arguably the biggest advancement to the Prairie Pro Series 2 is the adaption of Goldacres’ in-house developed G-Hub sprayer control system.

Comprising of a full colour 127mm (5-inch) screen and keypad at the fill station and an optional 305mm (12-inch) colour touch screen inside the tractor cabin, the system allows the operator to access all functions quickly, and efficiently.

The fully riveted RivX boom is now fitted to the Prairie Pro Series 2 in operating widths between 24 and 36-metres, while there is also the option to fit a  48m tri-folding TriTech V series boom.

Orders for the Prairie Pro Series 2 are being taken now with production lines geared up to fill early orders already placed over the next few months.

Check for the available delivery from your local Goldacres dealer locator on this link or go to:

Goldacres Prairie Pro Series 2 specifications