QFF celebrates $20 billion National Agriculture Day

Festival Celebrating Farms
The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) highlight just how important the farming sector is to the local economy with the state’s 18,401 farm businesses producing almost $20 billion each year

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and industry members celebrated Queensland’s integral role in Australia’s agricultural story as part of National Agriculture Day, on 21 November 2019.

The theme of the 2019 National Agriculture Day is “We are Australian Farmers” in celebration of the shared values of all Australians whether they are city or rural based to better connect all Australians with agriculture and the people behind it.

QFF CEO Dr Georgina Davis said that the day provides an opportunity for all Australians to reflect on the pivotal role agriculture has played in the country’s history and the significant role it will continue to play into the future.

“Queenslanders in particular have a lot to celebrate on National Agriculture Day, with the state’s 18,401 farm businesses producing some of the highest quality food, fibre and foliage in the world,” Dr Davis said.

“The sector is worth almost $20 billion and represents 15 per cent of Queensland’s total exports.”

“Agriculture employs over 300,000 Queenslanders across the whole food supply chain, meaning roughly one in seven Queenslanders are employed by the food sector while all enjoy its produce.”

Dr Davis said National Agriculture Day provided an opportunity to not only celebrate, but also educate the public about the critical role farmers play in feeding, clothing and providing amenity for everyone.

“With so many farmers contending with widespread flooding, devastating bushfires and a protracted drought, there’s never been a better time to stand with our farming communities,” Dr Davis said.

“Buying local produce and paying a fair price for it is the best way Queensland consumers can support the agricultural sector. By doing so, they will continue to play an active role in helping to build more resilient farming businesses and ensure a bright future for Queensland agriculture.”

For a national breakdown of Australian agriculture’s worth and value visit: www.agday.org.au


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