Queensland policy on fire ants attacked by Federal Government

According to the Federal Government, The Queensland Government’s program to eradicate fire ants has failed to stop the march of this nasty pest into areas of the State’s southeast despite record amounts of money provided to the Queensland Government to eradicate it.

The Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia, David Littleproud said we are halfway through the ten-year program and it is clear the Queensland Government is not on target or budget they’ve simply failed.

“The Queensland Government leads the national program to eradicate the red imported fire ant, which is cost shared by governments, with a total of $411.4 million in contributions,” Minister Littleproud said.

“The Federal Government puts in more than 50 per cent of the money to get rid of this pest but the Queensland Governments ability to get results is worrying.

“At this critical point in the program, the Federal Government has had to agree to bring forward a further $18 million in funding which brings our total contributions to above $212 million because Mark Furner and the state government have not been over the program.

“An independent review into the program is being undertaken because of the very real risk that eradication might not be achieved within the ten years or the current budget.   

“Fire ants can inflict painful bites on people, pets and livestock. They can do damage our natural environment, flora, and fauna, as well as infrastructure like roads and recreation areas.

“That is why the detections of them outside the operational zone has rung alarm bells for so many across the community.

“I wrote to the Queensland Agriculture Minister, Mark Furner to bring his attention to those widespread concerns.

“It is not good enough that this eradication program has come off track. It’s simply a failure of the Queensland Government.

“And this failure has already put at risk the communities, businesses agricultural producers in southeast Queensland.

“Queensland is getting burnt. Minister Furner has been a failure but he has to fulfil the responsibly his State signed up to and is being for in putting these fire ants out.”