Raycol manufactures quality air seeder components


Available in 127, 152 and 178mm (five, six and eight inch) inlets, lateral bars and adjustable vanes, removable primary head

Raycol can supply seeding attachments and parts in a hurry and is part of an important rural structure of specialist engineering firms that cater for farmers in their respective districts.

In Raycol’s case the business commenced in Geraldton WA in 1975 manufacturing trailers for domestic and agricultural applications.

The company expanded its rural operation in 1979 when it moved to Morawa WA, about 150km inland.

Raycol operated in this location for a period of five years. And during that time began to start manufacturing more agricultural equipment associated with the broadacre farming. This included truck bins, augers, along with seed and fertiliser bins.

During this five-year period, Raycol researched and developed a product now called a ‘Super Spout’, also known as a ‘whale tail’ which is a spreading attachment for an air seeder.

The restrictions encountered with the normal seasonal flow of the agricultural industry then necessitated Raycol to expand its product line, to a point today where it can offer a diverse range of equipment customised to any specialist individual requirements.

Raycol has put to good use the experience gained from over 40 years of manufacturing and repairing agricultural equipment.

From its leading-edge Geraldton WA factory, Raycol can offer Inhouse design with precise cutting using the latest water jet technology. With inhouse bending equipment for steel.

Product focus is firmly focussed on air seeding with an emphasis on stainless steel builds, and this makes Raycol an expert supplier for growers and contractors and any dealer seeking parts.

A specialist range from Raycol are secondary air seeder heads and the factory produces around 5,000 units a year.

New product development is always at the forefront at Raycol, such as aftermarket air seeder metering systems in stainless steel, that will soon be available for most existing models.

For any growers or contractors looking to tweak their current models just a little, check the Raycol catalogue for aftermarket parts, with many available for non-standard and custom builds.

You will be surprised at the large range of stainless steel and mild steel ubolts available.

Along with a wide selection of risers and heads to increase productivity, other readily available attachments and parts from Raycol include stainless secondary heads, and secondary risers for seeders.

These are matched to a wide range of fittings for fertiliser blenders, primary assemblies, quick connectors and spreading heads, plates and super spouts.

It is worthwhile checking throught he Raycol catalogue, for a copy of the catalogue, download it at: https://www.raycol.com.au/en/

Or to discuss any new attachments or parts you are considering or a custom build addition, Raycol can help, call on tel: 08 9964 4636,

email sales@raycol.com.au


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