Redekop has developed the world’s best SCU for eradicating weed seed

Redekop’s seed control unit (SCU) is the leading model worldwide as its design provides combines with a flexible and cost-efficient solution to destroy 98% of harvestable weeds in a single pass operation at harvest

Redekop SCU  systems are available for most current combine makes and models sold in Australia through existing local brand dealers

The Redekop seed control unit (SCU) is able to be fully integrated into a combine with a design that only needs low power requirements and therefore it offers a low running cost.

The Redekov SCU stands out with wide residue distribution across the whole cutting width and is easy and safe to install into any combine drive and display system.

 Redekop’s experience with harvesters has seen their Straw Chopper technology fitted to more than 25,000 combines across 30 countries, and as a result this brand recognition places Redekop in a commanding position with the release of the Seed Control Unit.

And the further advantage Redekop engineers had at the very start was to design an integrated Weed Seed Mill system, one that would work with and become part of the whole residue system, not just an add-on – be a part of the system.

After several prototype designs and hundreds of hours of static and in paddock testing the Redekop SCU became commercially available globally in 2018 and has moved ahead with significant growth each year since.

Interest from local growers is also quite high and Redekop has been able to continually increase production capacity to meet this demand, with orders for the 2022-23 winter harvest in Australia being finalised now.

Case IH combine models can be ordered with a full MAV-SCU system providing the ability to chop, mill and windrow, all with bypass provision

Need for a Redekop weed seed eradicator

Redekop has been aware of the impending problem of herbicide resistance as the company has researched and solved crop residue problems for grain growers for the past 35 years.

Based in Canada, Redekop was already well known for providing innovative, reliable residue spreaders with the MAV – Maximum Air Velocity Strawchopper. 

This led to the company being at the forefront in the research and development of harvest weed seed control solutions including the Redekop SCU integrated MAV Strawchopper and Weed Seed Mill. 

Whether the problem is managing herbicide resistant weeds, cutting down on weed pressures, or dealing with the cost and availability of herbicides, the Redekop SCU has become the global leader in harvest weed seed control technology.

And probably the most brilliant aspect of Redekop’s achievement is that their SCU unit can be retrofitted.

With the Redekov SCU, all grain growing operations can become more profitable by creating an environment for crops to flourish.

This is done while leveraging existing grain harvesting equipment and eradicating 98% of all weed seeds before they can spread from the combine.

CLAAS Lexion 8000 series combines are currently able to operate with Redekop factory strawchopper options and are readily available through CLAAS Dealers

Small investment for future big returns

While recognising the studies conducted by the GRDC and others, the Redekop SCU has been designed as an impact mill to render seeds unviable for future growth as they pass through the mill.

In addition, Redekop has incorporated the processed chaff stream back into the MAV Strawchopper straw stream to be spread back over the width of cut to provide an even residue distribution and return nutrient value to the soil.

Redekop has further refined its mill to ensure an optimal rate of weed seed destruction that increases the kill rate.

Independent testing in Canada and North America has shown high rates of devitalisation up to 99% of seeds that have passed through the mills. Testing will soon be conducted in Australia.

In keeping with its mission, Redekop has worked to ensure key mill components are as durable as possible, even in the harshest working conditions.

Redekop currently warranties their mills for 2 years of life or 1000 hours before full replacement is required. 

While Redekop rotors and stators have two working surfaces allowing operators to reverse them for extended life.

With the utmost cost savings built into a Redekop SCU and with the added benefit to reduce weed seeds from propagating in the paddock by 98%, the savings from less chemical usage alone are enormous, let alone the fuel and labour costs chasing down paddock weeds.

New Holland CR flagship models can be ordered with a full MAV-SCU system through respective New Holland Dealers

Retro-fitting to run a Redekov SCU is easy

Redekop engineers and staff know what it’s like to run and maintain a combine, so they’ve made it easy for an operator to bypass the Mill when it’s not required to run.

The Redekop SCU can be activated or shut down in a matter of minutes with a Quick Release drive hub and movable door positions.

When harvest is completed, the SCU can be removed for post-harvest inspection with the aid of the supplied service frame in just 20 minutes. 

In addition, Redekop just recently acquired CHAFFsense™ monitoring technology in Australia to incorporate a blockage sensor that alerts the operator of potential plugging, well before a problem even arises.

Moving forward, with the backing of the biggest selling SCU in the world, Redekop will be applying the latest technology to its SCU as it evolves. This is the benefit of being with the world leader.

To further show the strength behind the Redekop brand, their SCU systems are available for most current combine makes, and models sold in Australia, through existing local brand dealers. 

This gives Redekop buyers the chance to work with the dealer that sold them the combine in the first place, and the peace of mind that servicing will be available for the SCU.

Combine manufacturers are well aware of the benefits an SCU can bring to growers and eventually expect all future combines will be fitted with a factory unit.

To give an example, Redekop has partnered with John Deere to make the SCU available through John Deere dealers for S780 and S790 combines with each of the Factory Strawchopper options.

In addition, Redekop also offers the complete MAV Strawchopper and integrated SCU system that can be retrofitted on most S600 and S700 series combines.

CLAAS Lexion 8000 series combines are currently able to operate with Redekop factory strawchopper options and are readily available through CLAAS Dealers.

Redekop already has installations on over 25,000 combines across more than 30 countries for its range of straw chopping systems so its presence in this market cannot be denied

Meanwhile to show the value placed on the Redekop SCU quality.

Both Case IH and New Holland CR flagship models can be ordered with a full MAV-SCU system providing the ability to chop, mill and windrow, all with bypass provision.

And for added convenience, once again, the Redekov SCU is readily available through respective Case IH, New Holland and CLAAS Dealers.

Redekop provides a 12-month warranty on the SCU and a 2-year Mill Life Guarantee with all 2022 units fitted.

In addition, an extensive parts inventory has been established to serve all local requirements in Adelaide SA, with 24-hour shipping across the country.

For further information, find your local brand dealer at:

Or contact local Redekop experts Marney Strachan on 0419 912903, or by email:  Or Neale Heinrich direct on 0418 823627, or by email: for the location of your nearest Redekop dealer.


John Deere engineers were some of the first to realise the advantages of Redekop’s MAV and SCU system for growers and were very cooperative to ensure the unit could be incorporated into John Deere combines.

For John Deere combine owners the Maximum Air Velocity (MAV) Straw Chopper combined with the Redekop Seed Control Unit (SCU) is a breakthrough in harvest weed seed control.

The Redekop MAV combines all the benefits of a straw chopper and with the Redekop SCU weed seed control offers the ultimate paddock finish and weed seed control.

The unique fully integrated design of the Redekop SCU provides John Deere combine owners with a flexible and cost-effective solution to destroy up to 98% of the harvestable weed seeds in a single pass operation at harvest.

And with the system fully integrated into the John Deere residue, drive and display system it has a low power requirement and minimal running costs.

The model year 2022 Redekop MAV-SCU and SCU only are now compatible with all John Deere S600 and S700 Series residue options including the fine-cut chopper option.

 ‘With harvest season 2022-23 looming fast, there has never been a better time to integrate the Redekop SCU into an existing John Deere S600 or S700 Series harvester

With a two-year guarantee on model year 2022 retrofits, a Redekop MAV-SCU or SCU will eliminate 98% of seed weeds and manage your residue.

Contact local representatives Marney Strachan 0419 912903 or Neale Heinrich 0418 823627 today to find out more.