Report identifies livestock opportunities and challenges

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A new report from Animal Health Australia identifies the megatrends, opportunities and challenges facing Australian livestock industries.

At the 2020 ABARES (Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences) Outlook conference a key theme was boosting Australian agricultural production to $100 billion over the next decade.

To get there, biosecurity throughout the supply chain was seen as a major contributor to protecting agricultural production. The ability for Australian food to command a premium around the world is ultimately underpinned by the country’s disease-free status.

Industry group Animal health Australia (AHA) said rapid and transformative changes in the way livestock farmers do business and the way consumers select products – driven by increasing demand, advances in technology, ecological considerations and climate variability – calls for a long-term, holistic approach to animal health and biosecurity policy in order to safeguard Australia’s investment in herds and flocks and adoption of new technologies.

The industry needed to address issues of protection against the risk of emerging diseases, and assurance of food safety, product integrity, provenance and traceability.

With this in mind, AHA commissioned a report on the megatrends, opportunities and challenges facing Australian livestock industries.

Through the analysis of a range of future scenarios, the report aims to give Australian livestock industries a new outlook on current and future challenges as well as the opportunities they present.

“The Megatrends report highlights how biosecurity, animal health and the health of our ecosystems are closely intertwined and critically important to Australia’s future,” said AHA CEO, Kathleen Plowman.

“When we think about these key trends and scenarios and their potential effects on both production systems and markets, we must ask ourselves what can be done to mitigate the risks to our industries.

“We aim for this report to be a catalyst for animal and crop industries to discuss key issues, develop new strategies, identify transformative opportunities, and translate these to sustainable success for the industry into the future.”

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