Rollover Rescue Tracker


Commercial GPS tracking company, Austracker, has announced the launch of the Rollover Rescue Tracker, an automated alert based system designed to drastically reduce the time taken to rescue farmers if their bike rolls. Source: AFDJ eNews

Quad bike rollovers are currently the leading cause of farm deaths in Australia. According to a study by The Transport and Road Safety Research Centre at UNSW there were 22 quad bike fatalities and 70 injuries in Australia last year alone.

The Victorian State Government recently announced its $6 million roll-bar subsidy scheme, to be administered by the Victorian Farmers Federation, in response to the high death rate.

Richard Mason, General Manager of Austracker encourages farmers to make use of the rebate and think of the Rollover Rescue Tracker as an additional part of their overall safety plan.

Richard Mason
Richard Mason

“Wherever possible we want to prevent accidents from happening,” he said.

“But unfortunately accidents can and do still happen, even to the best of riders.

“The roll-bars are essential. But as an added layer of safety the Rollover Rescue Tracker means that even if an accident happens, a rescue team can get to riders faster.”

The tracker works by automatically sending out an alert to the rider’s chosen network. It might be neighbours, family or co-workers.

Once the bike tilts more than 45 degrees the message will be sent by text or email alerting the network that the rider has rolled and their co-ordinates. By clicking the coordinates the exact location will show on a map.

A siren will also sound to help rescuers find the rider in difficult conditions. If the rider doesn’t need assistance they can press a button on the bike to let the network know they are OK.

“Some of these farmers are working in very remote or solitary conditions. If there is an accident and they are injured it can be hours before family and friends even realize something is wrong,” Mr Mason said.

“And then there’s the time it takes to locate the rider to rescue them. As paramedics say, the golden hour, that first hour after an accident, can mean the difference between life and death.”

Austracker is an Australian based company supplying GPS and tracking solutions to the field service, insurance and logistics industries. The development team has worked closely with agricultural partners to develop tools utilize GPS tracking for safer, more efficient farming.

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