Rototilt R9 tiltrotator is the world’s largest tool platform

Rototilt says its latest excavator tiltrotator is designed for jobs that demand muscle and ability beyond the norm. With unprecedented capability it makes the largest excavators even more effective.

The company bills its R9 tiltrotator, designed for excavators in the 30-40 tonnes range, as the largest in the world. Rototilt says it “transforms the largest excavators into flexible and super-strong tool carriers.”

Tiltrotators allow excavators to rotate attachments 360 degrees and tilt them 40 degrees side to side for added tool versatility. The R9 offers breakout forces up to 500 kNm, redesigned hydraulics for high flows and a powerful worm gear with dual hydraulic motors.

The tiltrotator also features Rototilt’s SecureLock safety lock that ensures attachments are always properly coupled.


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