RYCO’s speed to market delivery just improved by 60%

With a 60 per cent increase in pick per hour and a return on investment within nine months, there is little wonder why RYCO Hydraulics is calling their Automated Packing Storage and Retrieval System (APS) a global solution.

“In Melbourne alone we pick up to 1,300 work order lines and replenish up to 400 lines per day,” explains Sean Babbage, General Manager – Marketing for RYCO Hydraulics.

The motivation behind the APS came from the organisations Supply Chain Team and their intense focus on a speed to market program in 2016.

In today’s fast pace distribution environment, manufacturers and distributors are focussing on speed and accuracy to market as a key priority in meeting the expectations of customers.

“RYCO Hydraulics has a 70-year long history of innovation, continuous improvement and strong partnerships with its employees, suppliers and customers. Our focus has always been on delivering high quality products on time, every time one of our client’s orders from us,” said Mr Babbage.

RYCO installed the computer controlled APS in their warehouses in Victoria, Western Australia and South Africa over the past year. “We deliver our first US APS within the next month, and see this as a global solution,” explains Mr Babbage.

The APS provides a speed and accuracy to RYCO’s pick and pack network that maximises efficiency and speed that delivers well beyond any manual system.

The system has comprehensive suite of applications designed for efficient inventory handling and improving transaction, visibility and speed.

Melbourne was the first warehouse to receive the system, which freed up 100 square metres from the long span racking system the organisation used to use.
For more information about RYCO and their products, visit the RYCO website, or call 1300 111 247.