Schuitemaker Feedo perfect for hay and silage

Schuitemaker Feedo 80
Schuitemaker’s Feedo models offer an economical feeding solution for all types of silage and hay

Starting in business with a manure spreader, manufacturer Schuitemaker has since launched agricultural machines to suit a wide range of needs for farmers and contractors.

With a focus on increasing efficiency and ease of operation, Schuitemaker machines are leading the way across the globe.

Colac Ag took over Australian importing of Schuitemaker two years ago to add to their harvesting range.

Schuitemaker’s Feedo range offers feeding solutions running on a single axle with product volumes from 7 to 25 cu.m.

But if that isn’t big enough, Schuitemaker also offers a larger range that pushes product volumes out to 54 cu.m.

The Feedo 80-18 is by far the best seller, it offers three beaters and holds 18 cu.m.

All types of silage and hay can be mixed, then distributed evenly and without structure loss.

Feed can be distributed from the left- or right-hand side using a hydraulically driven 800mm wide cross-conveyor.

The scraper floor is also hydraulically driven, and this allows the operator to adjust feed requirements, and the speed of the side discharge on the cross conveyor.

Beaters on the Feedo have different diameters and run at different speeds to deliver better distribution and mixing

Beaters on the Feedo have different diameters and run at different speeds and this is why these models offer outstanding distribution and can mix all sorts of silage and feed.

Beaters are mechanically driven from the PTO, and the wagon only requires low power and a 540rpm PTO speed to mix and discharge fodder evenly.

As standard, the PTO comes with a slip-clutch for driving the beaters.

Minimising power requirements saves on fuel and helps keep operating costs to a minimum.

With a solid steel box construction and powder coated finish, owners can expect an extended and reliable service life. Feedo 70 and larger models also have cage construction as standard.

An operator can carry out all functions from the safety and comfort of the tractor cab.

There are a wide range of options to tailor the wagons for any particular feeding operation.

Schuitemaker has established a dedicated product and innovation team to ensure they stay up with the rapidly changing agricultural sector.

Contact Colac Ag on tel: 03 5231 6999 or see the web at: for more information and to find your local dealer.

With a hydraulically-driven 800mm wide cross-conveyor the Feedo ensures even product distribution
Schuitemaker’s Feedo 80 has a solid steel box construction and powder coated finish to ensure an extended and reliable service life