SCHÜTZ has the ideal service for return of empty IBCs

Return your empty drums and IBCs through the SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE and you will make an active contribution to lower costs and for safer recycling material flows

The SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE is your global solution for the return of empty SCHÜTZ IBCs and 110L drums. As the supplier of the world‘s most successful drum and IBC systems, SCHÜTZ offer free Australia-Wide collection and eco-friendly recycling to all its eligible customers. Doesn’t matter which country you bought it from – SCHÜTZ will still collect all SCHÜTZ IBCs.

Benefits of the SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE include:

  • Enjoy easy collection arrangement either online, through the app, by e-mail, phone or fax.
  • Get the right information instantly: with SCHÜTZ’s dedicated national service you have a direct contact person for all queries and details concerning the collection of your SCHÜTZ drums and IBCs.
  • Added protection for your team – cleaning containers is SCHÜTZ’s job not yours’ so we don’t make you clean them out before sending them back!
  • Protecting your environment – preserving valuable natural resources through IBC recycling. Returning one IBC and allowing SCHÜTZ to recondition the cage saves approximately 100 kg of CO2 emissions compared with manufacturing a brand new cage each time
  • Keep supply chain costs downs. If returnable drums are not returned, SCHÜTZ need to make new containers in order to meet demand and help ensure continuous supply of crucial crop protection products- this increases costs to the chemical companies which may eventually end up costing you more than just a messy farm or workspace!

SCHÜTZ’s IBC reconditioning processes comply with the highest environmental and safety standards. When buying a reconditioned IBC SCHÜTZ ensure any part of the pack that could previously have come into contact with product is replaced.

The entire inner bottle, outlet valves and caps are replaced with new SCHÜTZ components, and the steel cage is thoroughly cleaned and repaired if necessary, to ensure compliance to Australian Dangerous Goods Transportation Code. All discarded parts are recycled and repurposed in line with the SCHÜTZ philosophy.

By returning your empty drums and IBCs through the SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE you are making an active contribution to lower costs, high quality standards, safe recycling material flows and improving the eco balance of packaging in your supply chain.

With spring in full swing, there’s no better time to clean up the farm and return your empty drums and SCHÜTZ IBCs to your local reseller. Got a large stash on the farm? Contact SCHÜTZ to see if an on-farm collection is possible.

For collection terms and conditions or to find out more about SCHÜTZ’s services, visit or contact SCHÜTZ on 1800 336 228 or email