SDLG L958F wheel loader is a capable all-rounder

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A simple and robust build are the keys to the reliability of SDLG loaders in our tough local conditions and make them a cost-effective option
SDLG L958F wheel loader
The SDLG L958F delivers 162kW of power from its Deutz Tier III engine and also features a cooling system with an enlarged radiator, making it a great choice for hot Australian conditions

The 17-tonne SDLG L958F wheel loader combines reliability, versatility, and high performance, making it an excellent choice for Australian operations. Popular in all applications, this is an all-round loader that gets the job done.

Equipped with a Dalian Deutz Tier III engine, the L958F has a large wheelbase that lends it stability in harsh terrains. It’s ideal for customers who need the productivity of a larger machine but wish to keep upfront costs low.

The L958F’s robustness and heavy-load capability also make it well-suited for tasks that farmers typically handle, such as bulk handling of feed, grain, and silage.

The 5 tonne-rated L958F has a bucket capacity of 3 cubic metres and operates on a VRT200 transmission. Its Deutz Tier III engine has a rated power of 162kW at 2000rpm.

The L958F also offers a cooling system designed with an enlarged radiator, and optimised inlet and outlet air channels that provide the machine with high cooling efficiency – a feature that has proved highly useful in the heat of northern Australia.

SDLG L958F wheel loader
The SDLG L958F is rated for a 5,400kg load in its 3 cubic metre bucket and has a maximum dump height of 3.1m

SDLG wheel loaders have been gaining popularity in Australia over the last few years. CJD and SDLG experience healthy demand from construction, quarry, and agriculture companies that seek a cost-effective and reliable solution for their heavy-load needs.

As with all SDLG products, customers can be assured that parts and service support are available throughout the machine’s lifetime. CJD Equipment’s dealer network is always there to support SDLG customers, with branches and dealers located throughout Australia.

Whether you need parts or service, you can trust your local CJD Equipment team to deliver, with a national supply network and 24/7 after hours call out service you can be guaranteed that when you buy SDLG, you’re buying reliability.

For more information on how an SDLG loader can work for you contact your local CJD Equipment dealer on 1300 887 530 or visit