SDLG LG946L wheel loader is the best value for money farm loader

Take a closer look at the loader painted an industrial yellow you see in a paddock it is most likely an SDLG LG946L wheel loader

The LG946L from SDLG has become farmer’s favourite wheel loader as it is able to comfortably lift 4 tonnes in its 2.3cub.m bucket with a handy 2.76m dump height

The LG946L loader from SDLG is Australia’s favourite model and while it entices many buyers due to its competitive pricing there is more to its popularity that puts it into the best buy category.

This loader has the power required to offer versatility and performance from its 6-cylinder inline, water-cooled engine there is 127kW (173hp) on offer, with a 160-lire fuel tank to work across as many hours as you can put in.

The engine is high torque, high performance and fuel efficient. It is connected to a tropical cooling package allowing it to work at full capacity in the toughest conditions, ideal for farming operations.

The LG946L is able to comfortably lift 4 tonnes in its 2.3cub.m bucket, and comes in with a very adaptable 2.76m dump height.

These specifications make the LG946L ideal for loading and unloading loose materials, and as a result it is widely used in farming, small mine plants, timber plants and general construction.

Operators appreciate the large cab proportions of SDLG’s LG946 wheel loader with a full air-cond and pillarless wrap around windscreen and a single lever hydraulic pilot control

SDLG uses axles designed and built at its factory, and this ensures a perfect driveline match that results in increased productivity for the loader.

The transmission is heavy duty, smooth and reliable. It incorporates a kick-down function for superior productivity and is designed to work in all applications.

The SDLG also comes with a standard Volvo compatible quick hitch and general-purpose bucket, with a bolt-on cutting edge designed to increase productivity.

SDLG was introduced to Australia in 2010 when CJD Equipment was appointed as the National Distributer. Having proven itself in regions around the world, SDLG was poised for success down under with a strong value offering backed by CJD’s seasoned dealer network.

The LG946L has a fully certified ROPS-FOPS rollover protection air-conditioned cab, with wraparound pillarless front and rear windscreens for clear visibility.

The cab interior is vast, with a focus on comfort, ergonomics and practicality.

For more information on the SDLG LG946L wheel loader or the full range of versatile SDLG loaders, contact CJD Equipment on 1300 139 804 or visit