SeedMaster and Sunrise AG partner to bring you the best seeding system in the world

The sale of two Nova 820 air carts has cemented of strong working relationship between multi-yard dealer Sunrise Ag and giant Canadian maker SeedMaster who is well known for their continued innovation in precision seeding

Sunrise AG has taken on the distribution of one of the world’s most sought after precision airseeder manufacturers, SeedMaster out of Saskatchewan Canada.

Foremost in the SeedMaster range is the NOVA air cart able to deliver highly accurate product distribution for precise seed and fertiliser placement. It’s all down to the innovative modular design that allows growers to run two, three, or four-tank units with 18,300 to 28,900-litre capacity in many combinations of seed and fertiliser.

With massive capacity, the NOVA cart can meter from low to high rates in each of the dual airstreams on a 14.6 to 30.5m (48 to 100ft) air drill at 13kph without any compromise.

And SeedMaster doesn’t stop there. They have added some unique failsafe mechanisms into their build such as an overlap control, some well advanced load cells on Nova tanks, a remote tank console, and something they call SmartCal for easy product monitoring and calibration as standard.

The dual knife system ensures precise fertiliser and seed placement with optimum seed/fertiliser separation maximising agronomic performance. Seed is placed accurately for uniform germination. Fertiliser is close enough for optimum uptake but far enough away to eliminate the worry of seed burn. Fertiliser is always 38mm (1.5-in) to the side of the seed and 19mm (0.75-in) deeper than the seed.

NOVA air carts enormous size and distribution capacity can handle up to four products at once, making it ideal for varying fertiliser rates and blending on the go. Isolated air streams also allow the operator to run low air speeds for canola and other fragile seeds, but higher speeds for fertiliser.

SeedMaster is equipped with industry leading Auto Zone Command overlap control that prevents double application of seed and fertilizer in irregular paddocks and headlands. They also come standard with Smartcal and load cells for real time product weighing and calibration.

All of this combined design has proven itself on Canadian and Australian farms to help make seeding faster and more efficient.

Growers can match these well-proven air carts to smaller bars from 12m (40ft) right up to 30.5m (100ft) toolbars.

Quinton Dunstone of Sunrise Ag Swan Hill Vic, recently sold two 28,900-litre SeedMaster Nova 820 air carts with 24m (80ft) drills to large-scale farmers E.T. Gleeson and Sons based at Natya VIC.

Farm manager for E.T. Gleeson and Sons, Scott Gladman saw the benefit of the time he could pick up in fewer fills. Beating previous filling times by up to 45 minutes at the offset with the chance this could be reduced further once operators get used to these mammoth machines.

Scott also pointed out the scales on the boxes as being one of the big advantages of the SeedMaster Nova 820 air carts.

Sunrise Ag are currently taking orders for the full SeedMaster range of toolbars and air carts and for the all new NOVA 780 tow between air cart available on duals or CAMSO tracks, contact Quinton Dunstone direct on 0408 575 328, or tel: Swan Hill 03 5032 0099, Mildura 03 5023 0284, Ouyen 03 5092 1031.