Semeato has a Super sale deal to upgrade your pasture

Philip Beattie has been using Semeato seeders since 2008 and says they get the seed in the ground consistently and he is getting 3 to 4 years re-growth from ryegrass plantings since working his Semeato TDNG300e

Don’t miss the Semeato Double Disc Seeder Sale at Serafin Machinery.

Long term Serafin Machinery customer Philip Beattie of Victoria has been using Semeato seeders since 2008.

He loves how the extra weight on his Semeato TDNG300e provides optimal soil penetration, the row units follow the ground to ensure that it sows every seed into the ground at the right depth, and just what an amazing job it does on his ryegrasses.

“A very reliable machine. They get the seed in the ground consistently… and the root structure growing very quickly.

We’re getting 3 to 4 years from our ryegrass, whereas others are saying they get 1 go 2 years.” said Phillip.

The team at Serafin Machinery are offering their best price ever on a 3-metre Semeato double disc seeder.

Serafin Machinery is running a special sale on the Semeato TDNG300e double disc No-Till 3 metre model

“This machine has proven to very popular with our no-till customers, and we are excited to offer farmers a great deal in our Semeato Super Sale.

The Semeato TDNG300e is a versatile double disc No-Till machine that can handle anything that is thrown at it.

Whether it sowing ryegrass, oats, canola or brassica (just to name a few) the 300e will make light work of it.” says sales manager Rodney Dunn.

Weighing in at well over 4-tonnes the seeder has enough weight to penetrate even the hardest of soils but is flexible enough to be able to work in the softest sandy conditions as well.

It has the best available ground following ability, the most accurate seed placement and the largest seed and fertiliser boxes on any 3m combine drill available in Australia.

Semeato’s 50-year history of building seed drills were coupled with advanced technology to develop a seeder that is more reliable, more accurate, and above all, more productive than any seeder on the market.

Farmers can take advantage of a great deal on the Semeato TDNG 300E, as well as Serafin Machinery’s spare parts and expert backup service.

For enquires on models that are available in the sale, contact the team at Serafin Machinery on 1300 737 586 or email