Serafin says time to order new machines is now

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Serafin’s Ultisow Narrow Fold is the ultimate single disc seeder for those looking for versatility and manoeuvrability

With the launch of their new SB2019 single disc row unit in April this year, Griffith NSW based Serafin Machinery saw a big spike in enquiries and early order sales for their Serafin Ultisow single disc no-till seeders.

“We have always been known for building a good, solid seeder but what a lot of people might not know is that we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes improving and testing our products so that we can stay at the forefront of no-till seeders in Australia,” said Rodney Dunn, sales manager of Serafin Machinery.

“Reducing the regular maintenance of the single disc row unit to 200-hour service intervals, making the unit more robust overall and improving the seed placement are all things we have managed to incorporate into the new SB2019,” he said.

“But it’s not just the row unit we have been working on. We have added a new loading auger system to our popular Narrow Fold and Pasture King seeder ranges, which has been very well received.”

However, Rodney says the biggest news for the company in 2019 has been the addition of 9 and 12m frame designs to the product line up with the inclusion of a 3-row model for narrower row spacing down to 150mm and a new high-lift frame concept for easier seasonal maintenance and adjustment.

Serafin Machinery launched their 2019 Early Order Program at the Mallee Machinery Field Days this year with some great incentives for securing a build spot for delivery early in 2020. The special program finishes on 31 October.

“We always have a limited capacity of machines we can build in time for winter sowing each year. To ensure that more of our farmers are able to get their machine on time we are pushing to get seeders into production now and until the end of the year, so they are sitting in our yard, ready to go when cropping season arrives next year,” said Rodney.

“We have a massive range of single and double-disc seeders that are built here in Australia, designed to suit Australian conditions. Sizes range for 3 to 24m so we can meet almost every farmer’s needs.”

For more information on the wide range of seeding systems available from Serafin Machinery, call direct on tel: 1300 737 586, or see: