Short-term ‘surge’ Agri Counsellors now in Washington DC, Seoul and Riyadh

Short-term Agriculture Counsellors have hit the ground running in the United States, South Korea and Saudi Arabia, seeking out new export opportunities.

There are three ‘surge’ counsellors as part of the Australian Government’s $72.7 million Agri Business Expansion Initiative.

Counsellors are important to promoting Australia’s agricultural interests overseas and expanding export market opportunities for our premium produce.

The network of overseas Agriculture Counsellors already contributed to gaining market access that made an additional $2.92 billion in export value during 2020-21.

These additional short-term Counsellor deployments will play a role in supporting the agriculture sector’s ambition to grow to $100 billion by 2030 and help producers receive maximum returns for their hard work.

The new Agriculture Counsellor based in Washington DC is bolstering local engagement efforts and developing opportunities for premium agri-food products.

While a new Counsellor in Riyadh is helping to expand opportunities for exporters of meat and animal products to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.

The new counsellor posted in Seoul will play a lead role in opening up opportunities for Australia’s premium products.

The role of Agriculture Counsellors

·       The three new short-term Agriculture Counsellors are: Washington, United States Agriculture Counsellor Posting: Jesse Mahoney (to July 2022); Seoul, Republic of Korea Agriculture Counsellor Posting: Jenny Baldwin (to February 2022); Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Agriculture Counsellor Posting: Samareh Hosseini to July 2022)

·       These short-term Agriculture Counsellors complement Australia’s existing network of 22 Agriculture Counsellors. For more information about the Agri-Business Expansion Initiative click here.

·       The value of agricultural exports is forecast to be a record in 2021-22, increasing by 12% to $54.7 billion.